Friday, February 8, 2013

The Customer Is ALWAYS Right!

So last night I had one hell of an evening. Went for groceries, and when I got out it was sleeting freezing rain & snow all over. There was a good 3 inches of slush on the ground, and I was 20 minutes from home, and needed to pick up dinner to boot.
No problem. I am from the superiorly awesome state of Michigan, so I ignored the blaring sirens on the highway and took the backroads home.
Took me twice the time to get to McDonalds to pick up dinner for the fam.
Made the order, paid, got up to the window & was told it would just be a minute. 5 minutes later, they ask me to pull ahead and wait. It would be 2 more minutes.
2 cars pulled past me with their orders in the 10 minutes I sat there.
Patience time is over.
SO, I throw the car in reverse, back up just enough to stop up progress, PARK the car & walk in with my receipt.
The manager first raises his voice and says I cant park there (he was like a hot minute from 17 years old).
I raise my eyebrow at him with the universal symbol for 'oh really? you gonna stop me?'
He immediately asks if he can help me. I hand him the receipt, he looks it over real quick and slightly irritated  says 'how long have you been waiting?' I told him to check the damn time stamp.
He jumps and takes care of the order quickly.
The stoned out chick that was supposed to be taking care of it in the first place tries to offer up some lame excuse about the fountain machine is broken ... to which I point out I had no drinks on the order, so try again.
I thank the manager and head out the door.

NOW. A few things.
I know I didn't have to block the drive thru, but my kids were hungry and had asked for McD's, and the last time they botched an order, they tried to stiff my mom and were yelling at HER in the restaurant because they screwed up and didn't want to fix it. THIS is why I decided that I needed to be sure I had their attention.

I know plenty of folks that have worked at McDonalds at one point or another. Some even stuck around long enough to be management -- and did a FINE job of it, even in their teens.
I know teenagers (the right ones) can do a great job running that restaurant. I've seen it done. This poor kid trying to run the place had maybe 1 other person on with him that didn't have their head up their ass.
I felt bad about causing him trouble. However, the stoned out moron that literally was doing NOTHING for anyone but standing around, acting bored, not trying to help ANYONE in any way .... unacceptable.

So, the kid running the show ... you did great kid. In fact, if I ever see that one again, I'll be sure to let him know, but I was in one helluva rush to get home to the boys.
Of course, when I told Ma what went down, she laughed her arse off, as well she would seeing the trouble that particular branch has given her.

I turn on down the road, pointed to home, when I end up behind a 4x4 SUV with a teenage girl driving it.
She's texting and driving in a snowstorm going about 5 miles an hour.

It's not that bad out.
Well, maybe it is, but if you need to text, you should pull over even when it's clear, let alone in a damn snowstorm that you CLEARLY don't know how to drive in.
So, of course, first chance I get, I pass her. In my front wheel drive. In the now near 6 inches of heavy freezing slush.

Took a few minutes extra to get home, mostly due to the chick in the 4x4, who I should note DID end up pulling over into a parking lot ... I saw it in my rear view.

When I got home, had to wake up the littlest boy who'd gotten tired and fallen asleep waiting for his nuggets.

Please, if you don't know how to drive in a Michigan winter, DON'T. Or, practice in a parking lot with an experienced driver. Don't creep down a public road at speeds where someone can walk faster. You WILL end up in an accident if you're impeding traffic just as easily as if you were speeding.

End Rant.

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