Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 New Years News

Here we are end of January already - WOW. I had to put this in the blog, as I haven't touched the blog until today, since what, Thanksgiving-ish? Oy. Since last I blogged, Christmas came & went, new years too. Oh, yeah, and I had the baby.... because of that, I have started up a website exclusively for baby-updates, so that's one more thing for my own distraction.....I thought I would give it a go anyhow.... *Ahem* without any further ado,

I'd like to welcome our second little boy to our little family unit, and the world at large.

Our little David John is named for my father, and was born January 12th, at 10:05am, rather unceremoniously via c-section.... hey, don't knock it till ya tried it, pal.... works just fine for me!

He was a WHOPPING 9#, 0 - oz. and 19" in length.He's a sweet little booger, too. Just Mr. super snuggles, just like his brother, who, by the way, adores him.

DAMN, it's been a little while, hasn't it???

WOW! Oops.
what can I say? I was wrong in my last post. The stud muffin is still a stud muffin. I was unable to procure the truck to facilitate a move for him to see the Doc to remove those spare parts. Then, not long after that, the truck's health began to fail, and it was relieved of it's duties here. SO, no truck to move the trailer, no good place on the farm at the moment that would offer the right facilites to put said Arab into dreamland to snatch away his extra bits & pieces.... so... here we are still.
If anyone knows of a person that would like Mr. Big, Red & studly, I am offering him up at the low, low cost of $500 - cash or hay. LOL! I will now go and immediately make a better, nicer post on life......