Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rosie's Big Trail Ride

Poppin in for a little mo.... I know I haven't gotten to this lately, but I will try to do this more as I get my schedule in line for once (oh sure, well, I can dream)

This last Friday, it finally happened. Dad. He let me take the truck. And, of course, I ran off to Dona's with Ma for a trail ride. WOO HOO!!!!

Now, this was kind of monumental on several levels. 1)I got the truck for an afternoon 2) Mom went with me 3)We got Rose on the trail.

I was tickled. I didn't bring my camera, well, because I love it too much to have any possible chance of dropping it. The slight possibility of falling off a 16hh horse to me, constitutes too much of a risk. So, no pictures. Here's how it went though.

We were late right out of the gate, even though the horses were great to load, because Dad decided at the last minute to change the drop on the hitch. It WAS for the best, the trailer rode much better that way, and we always seem to be late anyhow.
When we got to Dona's, we ended up riding in the arena for a while. Velvet was, well .... velvet. Rosie, after two laps around the ring wove the barrels and walked over the ground poles without any hesistations. Fly spray on, and off we go. Down the road, over the bridge, and to the trail. We didn't ride much on the trail, but took some much more fun 'off road' type trails that wove through the woods, fields, and lots of road riding. We walked over smaller fallen trees, branches, through ditches, and portions of fields that were over grown with weeds so tall that the horses couldn't see over them. The only incident I can report is on the way back, Rose decided she wanted to take the center of the road, even if the Minivan had the right of way, she was ready to sit or shit on their hood if they got too close. Funny girl.

My fly spray was nearly 100% perfect too. I missed the base of Velvet's ears, and she was the only one without a fly mask on, but after snapping a little tree branch off, she held her head still so I could knock off any deer flies that irritated her.

We will be going again soon .... maybe I'll have someone take pics of us leaving or returning?