Monday, January 17, 2011

New Zodiac Myth

I would be lying if I said that a few news reports on there being a new astrological sign didn't confuse me. Especially when they lead in saying 'Listen up, Sagittarius', because hey --- that's what I am, after all. Or AM I? I rushed, and read every article I could on this 'new' sign, and was somewhat irritated to find that not only was my sign all jacked up, but so was everyone else. This was quite disheartening.
I am not superstitious per se, however, I do believe there is something to the whole astrology thing. It's especially fun to look up how wonderful your sign is, and of course, you see all those good qualities in yourself. Mine, for instance, says that us Sagittarius are "generous, sincere, clever, sometimes visionary, gregarious, upbeat, confident, impulsive, brave, extroverted, cheerful and optimistic" among other fantastic traits.
When hitting the negatives, they say words that I don't think are all together bad - things like "honest to the point of cruelty, exaggerated need for freedom, blunt, tactless, and insensitive"
OK. So, blunt .... check. Yep, that's me. Tactless - sometimes. Insensitive? Well, grow up or shut up in most situations, I say. Honest to the point of cruelty? Oh, well .... I need further explanation on that. I don't understand. Which may be part of my problem. When is it OK to lie? Never? That's what I like to think!!!
Exaggerated need for freedom? Well, who DOESN'T that describe, I like to think. ;)

HOW could this wonderful description (and more that I left out) be NOT me? This has been me forEVER. Ask my sister - she is very into this stuff, and she will agree, I think with a lot of it. LOL!!!
Yes, this fits me like a glove. So imagine my shock when I look to see that magically, someone says this is no longer me. No, instead of a skyward aiming centaur, I'm supposed to be some ugly, hairy, naked guy with a snake? Oh, hells no.
Please, if you appreciate the zodiac that follows the 13 signs, don't take too much offense.
It's not that I can't enjoy some of the things it says about Ophiuchus - Imhotep - like 'seeker of peace and wisdom, attractor of good luck and jealousy, interpreter of dreams, one who reaches for the stars and wearer of plaid". OK, I'm game. But WTF with the wearing of plaid? Seriously? That's part of a horoscope? HELL! ALL OF MICHIGAN MUST BE OPHIUCHUS!!
The symbol? The medical symbol with the snakes wrapped around a staff.
But, hey - "The Mummy" movies were about Imhotep, right? Oh yeah. The Mummy WAS Imhotep. Ok. So, I guess it's not as bad as it sounds, but, I'm still a Sagittarius. No matter what anyone says.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Artistic Possibilities

Did you know that I was an Art Major? Shocker, right? Yes, I love the artistic side of things. I really like drawing, painting, pottery, even sculpture sometimes. I get down with jewelry making, collage, woodworking. and pretty much anything else that I can get my hands on.

I adored my high school art teacher. She is one hell of a lady. Most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen on a real live human being. She inspired a lot of people to go with their art. She made us do a lot of contour drawing, which, at the time, I didn't understand, but once I committed myself to really learning to do it well - WOW. I started to really get into it. I don't think that I can begin ANY drawing without starting it as a contour anymore.
After I got through high school, I took every art class that the local community college offered. Before it was over, I was on my way to becoming an art teacher. I had the blessings of my High School teacher, and my college art profs. Then reality hit me.
Every single school in the state was cutting their art programs. I was pursuing a job that by the time I got out of school would likely be non existent.
It killed the art in me for a while.
but, I have rallied, with the help of some damn good meds for depression, herbals, and a supportive hubby. I still plan on having a horse back riding school, but until I can afford the land, buildings, and insurance, I'm thinking of starting up by teaching art classes, or organizing art groups at the very least.
That is what I'm doing today. I'm going through my supplies trying to figure out what I should bring tomorrow morning for our first art soiree. We're meeting at a lovely darling dear friend's house to have coffee, nums and make some art. I am SO looking forward to it.
Already, my Mom is saying she's planning on coming along. This is great. She hasn't really made any art in quite some time, and that is quite sad since she is one hell of an artist. But, I'm trying to kick start her. I'm thinking drawing supplies & watercolors. hard to go wrong with that. :D Wish us luck! We're having fun either way!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Do or not to DO???

I generally consider myself a blessed person when it comes to my hair. I adore my natural color - though, I will not lie - there have been many times when I have fiddled with the notion of going jet black or blonde. It always falls back to 'but, I just love the way my color looks in the sun - and it feels so warm to me.' Then I inevitably chicken out & leave it the deep rich, multi hued chocolate swedish brown that I was born with. Oh, sure, there have been times when I had a streak of blonde (called it my mean streak) and a few times that blonde streak met up with a bottle of Manic Panic in Vampire Red. Then it was a really mean streak.
But, I have been quite lucky that I have a highly talented sister that happens to cut hair.
Now, she just does it when she wants to now. She used to cut full time as a licensed cosmetologist, but now, she's a licensed 'bambulance lady .... EMS, Paramedic .... I really don't know the difference.
My latest cut is something ala Jennifer Aniston. Long, flowing layers that blend into each other.

Jenneyfur did it with a razor - which I gotta say, hurts, but looks kick ass when it's done.
Before that I always just let it grow, and she gave me trims to remove split ends - which I loathe. For years I generally felt that I looked like an out of place flower child that only needed a daisy chain crown to finish off the look. It turns out that when I let my hair grow, it is so dense, and heavy that it looks bone straight. Which is kinda weird, because I have kind of a natural wave to it if I keep it at any reasonable length. This is what my hair looked like for nearly 15 years.

Then, during a moment of irritation with my hair, on a night when my sister happened to be over to my folks' house doing hair cuts, I asked her to cut it. Really cut it. I wanted to try out a pixie cut. She was hesitant at first - and rightfully so, since I had at one point disowned her for trimming off 2 inches more than I had asked. She was nervous, but I insisted. Cut it. And, so, for a year, I kept my hair more to this style:

It was cute. It dried so fast I couldn't hardly believe it. But then, the downside reared it's head. I had to trim it ALL THE TIME or risk looking like the bad hair bag lady. Oh, and I missed the ability to put my hair into dual braids ala Little House on the Prarie. So, it had to go.

I find myself fighting back urges to do something wild to it. Like go blonde, then mulit colored. Or cut it all off again. Or ... who knows what. So, I am looking for suggestions. Please, let me know what I could try. I don't have a recent pic of myself, but I can tell you I have really HIGH cheekbones, a smallish, up turned nose, hooded eyes (brown) and fair eyebrows & skin.
Please help before I do something radical, totally. Like this.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Our new years eve was pretty tame. It usually is. We are not drinkers or partiers per se. We tend to choose to spend most of our time with family. As a result, The eve was spent playing video games & watching movies, eating popcorn, snackin'..... like that. I got kisses from the hubster and both boys at midnight, then we all went to bed.
New Years Day, we always get together as a family and have a big dinner. I don't know if everyone else does this or not, but it's what my family has always done.
Mom, Dad, Gramma Flash & Matthew came over - Mom brought potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans & chocolate cake. Jenny came over with the girls and brought with her pop, cheese & crackers, and I made bbq ribs & blueberry pie.
That's my oldest posing with the pie up there.
It was a nice way to ring in the new year, and I can only hope that it brings with it lots of good health, wealth, and happiness to our family. We could use a nice change of pace, anyhow.

Happy New Year, friends!