Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Another 4th of July has come and gone, without much fanfare around here. Our party hearty neighbors have all seemed to use the celebration of our country's inception as just another reason to get blind stinkin' drunk and act like jackasses. It's been like this since they moved in.
So, as I sat under the fireworks display in our local little berg, with my 6 year old son on my lap, with his ears plugged with his little fingers to block the sound, and his new green LED light sabre on his lap, I couldn't help but wonder what happened to the patriotic enthusiasm that so many people had when I was a kid his age. Even at the nice small town display I was unfortunate enough to sit next to a motor mouth, and a motor mouth kid that could do nothing but criticize the offerings of explosions that tiny town could offer. It seems that every year I hear more, or maybe I just notice more people bitching about the display, rather than just enjoying them.
I know it's basic, but if you aren't pleased with what they have to offer, they do hold fundraisers, and ask people to donate to make the display bigger and better.
The 4th was a holy holiday when I was growing up, due in no small part to my Grandpa Harry who LOVED the 4th. I won't get into his story now, but one of these days.....
That's probably why the more I live where I do, the more bitter I get about the 4th.
Every year, the 4th of July is celebrated (by our neighbors & near neighbors) the same way every long weekend is. It's an excuse to get blindly drunk, not just on the day, but for the entire weekend. The only difference is that they may even light themselves on fire - it has happened, and it's not as funny as you might think it would be.
Well, it was pretty funny. Kind of like - karma, with a side of HA HA HA!!!
But I digress.
Is it really necessary to be three sheets ALL weekend? I'm not kidding here. When they finally move in the early afternoon, the first thing all of them do (including the teenagers - what kind of parent encourages their kids to be BLASTED???) is to crack open a cold one. And, not of the good ol' Coke v. Pepsi variety. I don't believe they even grilled out this year - just liquid lunch all the way around. It's disheartening. But I will quit ranting now.
In fact, I just hope everyone had a fantastic 4th, with family, fireworks, and good friends. I also hope no one got lit on fire that didn't entirely deserve it, and that those that did, were promptly put out, without serious injury. Maybe just enough to give them enough of a scar to straighten them out a little.