Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rosie's Big Trail Ride

Poppin in for a little mo.... I know I haven't gotten to this lately, but I will try to do this more as I get my schedule in line for once (oh sure, well, I can dream)

This last Friday, it finally happened. Dad. He let me take the truck. And, of course, I ran off to Dona's with Ma for a trail ride. WOO HOO!!!!

Now, this was kind of monumental on several levels. 1)I got the truck for an afternoon 2) Mom went with me 3)We got Rose on the trail.

I was tickled. I didn't bring my camera, well, because I love it too much to have any possible chance of dropping it. The slight possibility of falling off a 16hh horse to me, constitutes too much of a risk. So, no pictures. Here's how it went though.

We were late right out of the gate, even though the horses were great to load, because Dad decided at the last minute to change the drop on the hitch. It WAS for the best, the trailer rode much better that way, and we always seem to be late anyhow.
When we got to Dona's, we ended up riding in the arena for a while. Velvet was, well .... velvet. Rosie, after two laps around the ring wove the barrels and walked over the ground poles without any hesistations. Fly spray on, and off we go. Down the road, over the bridge, and to the trail. We didn't ride much on the trail, but took some much more fun 'off road' type trails that wove through the woods, fields, and lots of road riding. We walked over smaller fallen trees, branches, through ditches, and portions of fields that were over grown with weeds so tall that the horses couldn't see over them. The only incident I can report is on the way back, Rose decided she wanted to take the center of the road, even if the Minivan had the right of way, she was ready to sit or shit on their hood if they got too close. Funny girl.

My fly spray was nearly 100% perfect too. I missed the base of Velvet's ears, and she was the only one without a fly mask on, but after snapping a little tree branch off, she held her head still so I could knock off any deer flies that irritated her.

We will be going again soon .... maybe I'll have someone take pics of us leaving or returning?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Comcast sucks.

I no longer have a high speed interwebz connection. But, that's cool. I've been gardening for myself & others, playing with my horses, and causing trouble where I can.
IMy connection was crap anyhow. Cable went out all the time, phone didn't work for beans either. SO ... I have a land line again as of yesterday, but no interwebz. I go to Ma's to check in from time to time. I will write a real check in and update of events when I have more time. But not today.

Just had to put up that I am still around, but in a lesser capacity for now :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Days 16 - 17

Day 16 is a Picture of someone who inspires you - easy. I'll even pick someone that I'm not related to/consider family. In fact, I'll pick 4 someones that are incredible to me. Then, of course explain myself.

Stacy Westfall.

She is SUCH an incredible horsewoman. Her reining performance with her horse, Roxy, makes me cry every time I see it because it so perfectly illustrates what riding your horse is SUPPOSED to be. Pure trust & partnership. GOD I love her.
Westfall Horsemanship

Chris Cox.

This gentleman inspires me just because his training style is very much like the one that I was taught to use. He explains things differently than I do, but I love the man's style and after meeting him, I have to say, he really IS the class act he appears to be. God Bless 'im.
Incredible gear, and dvd's can be found here: Chris Cox Horsemanship

Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman. Radical rambunctious redhead of Oklahoma. I found her website quite by accident, before all the hubbub about the cookbook, and love story came out. About 6 months before, so I can't really say that I was a fan from the get go. I found her site by finding her love story. That was the first exposure to PW for me, and I was hooked from the story --- and then I saw her recipes!!! I never .... NEVER try other folk's recipes. It's just not me, but I tried hers, and she is good. She cooks in a style similar to what I'm used to, and I have learned from her website - some cooking, but mostly photography & PS tutorials. Thanks, PW, even though you do not know I exist. :D You can find her at The Pioneer Woman

Maggie Dammit

This woman right here..... this woman is inspirational, strong, and OH, so supportive & sensitive. She is the founder for Violence Unsilenced. It is another blog that I found quite by accident, but it totally changed my outlook. It helped me in ways I didn't know I needed help, and let me speak out as well. Thank you, Maggie. You are so loved by so many. Please, keep up the great work!!! She also bloggs at Okay, Fine, Dammit.

Day 17 is a pictureof someone who has made a huge impact on your life. Well, that's easy too. Only, I don't have pics of all of those folks. All I can do is name them: Larry, Larry, David, Daddy, Ma, Gramma Flash, Grampa Clyde, Gramma Lil, Grampa Harry, Gramma Valenti, Dona, my MIL - Barb, and FIL, Larry (though I never did get time with them before they passed), my sisters - Laurie & Jennyfair, my BFF's Jennie, Deanna, Nikki, Jenn, Blondie, Amy & Crystal. Mrs.Ball, Alex & VK. Huge, important people, and there are so so many more. I have been blessed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

31 Days ---- Day 13 ... no, wait .... 14.

Day 14, well. I'm skipping that one. It's supposed to be a pic of someone you can't imagine your life without, but I'm already living that with Gramma gone, and I don't want to jinx anyone else that I love.
Day 15 is something I'd like to do before I die, and I 'll give you 3 off of my bucket list. 2 kinda go hand in hand though ... like they could be done on the same voyage. I hope.

I'd like to do a Norwegian or Icelandic fjord crossing at low tide on horseback. This isn't the pic of the dream vacation, the dream vacation involved 2 horses for the day of riding b/c the 1st would get tired. You ride one horse across the fjord at low tide, ponying the 2nd along, swimming where needed, then picnic, trailride & enjoy the scenery before galloping back on the 2nd one. Sounds like FUN to me!!!

Cattle drive. Oh yeah. Sounds fun - pay someone else to do their work for them. But, I'd try it once anyhow.

And finally, visit the family that is still in Eslöv, explore the country side that my family came from, breathe in the farmland air over there .... and find my roots.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How do you wish to Sparkle?

Jamie Ridler over at Jamie Ridler Studios asks today: How do you wish to Sparkle?

WELL. That is a loaded question, Ms. Jamie.
I wish so many things to help me to sparkle. SO SO many things. Feelings, really.

I wish to sparkle by both losing weight, and loving my body more - accepting what I can't change all the while, fighting like hell to change it anyhow.

I wish to sparkle by being the most incredible, supportive mother to my kids that they need me to be.

I wish to sparkle by supporting my husband in his dream to go into law enforcement, though it scares the tar out of me.

And, for my self .... I wish to sparkle by having more time to myself this year to do what makes my heart sing the best.

I sparkle when I ride. I sparkle when my heart beats in tune with my mare's, as I give her free rein and total trust to run with me as her precious cargo, guiding her gently without force, pain or fear.
I sparkle when we fly together, when we rest together, and when we unwind together.

And I wish for a means for the finances so that I can share that sparkle with others by teaching them about my most kindred animals. Teaching others to fly on horseback, to trust their mounts, and to dance with their horses.

That's how I wish to sparkle.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

31 Day thingy ... Day 13

A picture of your favorite band/artist.

Paul Stanley of Kiss, of course. OF COURSE!

P!nk is one of my favorites as of late. She's sassy. I like that.

Trent Reznor. His music rocks me. Oh, and he's a stone cold hottie too.

Brooks & Dunn are on my country picks. Awesome.

George Strait is also on the top of my country picks. He's a classic.

And artists ... well, so I take things literally.

One of my favorites of Vincent VanGogh. "A Night on the Rhone"

AND, Dale Chihuly is a freakin' glass genius. I AM going to learn how to blow glass. I mean come on. The stuff he has that is pure glass is incredible, but when he mixes it in with natural surroundings? Breathtaking.

31 Days ..... still

A picture of something you LOVE. It would be redundant to post up family pics or even horse pics here, because, well .... that's a given. So, here are some details.

I love ALL flowers. This actually isn't too far from what Gramma's funeral spray looked like.

I love the UP. ALL of it, but the west & central areas especially.

I love riding my horse on the beach ... though there are not many places where that is permittable anymore. Shame.

I love me my black bears. They are truly my brothers & sisters.

I love my anniversary present from the hubster. I have looked for this, or one like it for nearly 15 years, so I am thrilled. It's about 2 inches long. So, it a big ol' honkin' moonstone. Cleansed under the super moon, a-thankya very much. Oh, and it is THAT particular pendant. The place makes only custom one of a kind pieces. That one there .... that's mine now. I have it on. It's good.

I would apologize for so many pics, and so much explanation, but I won't. It's not like me. If one pic is worth a thousand words, thoughts or feelings, well .... this is a step better.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 11 of the Picture Thing

A picture of something you hate.

Chicago. I freakin' hate Chicago. And, most of the trash that comes out of it..... largely people like this:

Spoiled jackasses that think the world owes them just because they were born.
I'm sure if I lived closer to the east side of the state, it would be Detroit that was the bullseye of my hatred, but I am on the west coast of Michigan, living in the dead center of FIP (F*cking Illinois/Indiana People) vacation territory. Basically that means every weekend all summer long, our area ... our peaceful farm land area ... is invaded by loud mouthed, drunken jerks that park in 2 spaces at a time at the grocery store, cut you off on the road, then slam on the brakes, talk down about the locals and do all that they can to screw you over.

I say this from experience. My family's building business has suffered more at the hands of true FIPS than anything else. They act like you are a blessing, then try to get the whole job done for peanuts - seemingly forgetting that this is how we make a living. It's not a hobby - it's our livelihood. They just don't get that. We're stupid locals to them and we should be paying them for us to work our asses off on their deck, or shed or garage, or addition or whatever. JACKASSERY.

** disclaimer*** I will admit, not all people from Illinois/Indiana are FIPS. There are a handful of people that I truly love from Chicago. (You know who you are .... and you know the kind of people I'm talking about here too, so don't take offense if it doesn't apply) It's just that it's like finding a diamond in a box full of cut glass & zirconium. So rare, and hard to ferret out, while all the true fakes, losers & FIPS are doing their damndest to look like they are the precious stone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 10 of 31 Days of Pictures

A picture of the person you do the craziest things with.

Well, by sheer volume, and to get away from blood family -- Jennie wins. Although, there are a number of people I really enjoy doing crazy things with. Mom, Dona, Nikki, Jenn (different Jen - she knows who she be), Deanna, Beeg Seester, Leetle Seester, Larry - sometimes, and Daddy & I are completely obnoxious & unstoppable when we get on the same wavelength & get to picking on something/one. I will only elaborate by saying that the twin towers were not just buildings in New York that eventually fell.
I guess I am just one that likes to be silly. And, I enjoy the people that I surround myself with.
I would also like to spend much more silly time with those that I love. We all collectively deserve it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Break In the Picture Challenge. Good News & Bad

A break was required. So, I guess I failed the 31 day picture challenge. Boo. That's OK. I have good reason. Good news, and bad news.

First, the bad news, so I have a way to look up.

At the very tail end of February, my Grandmother, as pictured in the post immediately before this one, had a massive heart attack, followed by a very abbreviated stay in the hospital. Abbreviated, because she refused any and all invasive treatments. Basically, if it wasn't treatable with medication, she wanted no part of it.
So, she went onto hospice, and came back to my folks house. That was on Sunday. She passed away early the following Friday morning.
So, I have been trying to grieve. And not doing such a great job at it. Partly because, well ... she lived and died the way she wanted to. She was 89/90 depending on what record you believe.
I had to keep it together. For the family. And, for myself. You see, I pushed myself to try and speak at her funeral last Monday.
And, I did it.
Kind of. I did speak, though not eloquently, and not to the degree that her memory deserved, but I gave it my best shot, and did well enough .... until I spotted her coffin. I lost my voice, and my composure.
But, not one other person in the church that knew her could even try, so I think I did well enough.
God bless you, Gram. I know you're OK now. I know your wait to see Grampa Clyde is over, and you're together again. And, that 51 year wait to see your firstborn son is over now too. The three of you are back together, and I promise I will do my best to keep mom & dad happy enough.

Now, the Good news, and ironically, something that I would like to think Gramma would have been proud of me for.

I spoke out.

I spoke out against violence on women. Actually, I did this months ago, but now it's my turn to be featured on THE most incredible blogs I have had the pleasure to read.

I heard from MaggieDammit - the genius behind Violence Unsilenced that it was my turn.

I am honored to be a part of this incredible movement. Maggie is inspirational, as are all of the folks that have been guest speakers/authors/survivors on Violence Unsilenced.

Now, I will try to warn you that although I do not have as terrifying or heartbreaking a story it is still an insight as to WHY I am the way I am. It was certainly a pivotal moment in my childhood that I can't quite get out of my head. It was a moment in time that damaged the way I view men that aren't part of my family. But, it's also a moment that I constantly remind myself of .... that it could have been worse. It could have been horrible.

Please, support the brave souls that speak out, and back them up. Even a few kind words can be all the difference.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

31 Day Picture Challenge --- Day 9

A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

Absolutley ZERO disrespect towards everyone else that falls on my very short list. (Mom, Daddy, Larry, and the other Grandparents)
It's just that ... Gramma Flash was there for us kids every day after school, every weekend, all summer long, every break from school. She was always there. She is there still for me. When I go to Ma's house, it's not disrespectful to Ma - I love Ma & Daddy, but I always go straight to Gramma.
She is not doing so good, healthwise, and it tears up everyone. And I just want to see her smile. I just want her to know that I am there for her just as she's always been there for me.
She's been the one I talk to when I've been fighting with my folks, my sisters, my husband and my nephew. She's always had good advice, a kind ear and a killer sense of humor about all of it.
And I love her so so very much.

Friday, February 25, 2011

31 Day Picture Challenge - Day 8

I'm a little behind. Too bad. There is life outside the interwebz.

So, Day 8. Right, right. A picture of something that makes you laugh. OK> I'll do better than one, I'll do THREE.

That last one makes me laugh every. single. time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

31 Day Picture Challenge Days 5 thru 7

I can't really DO days 5 or 6, and here are the explanations as follows:

Day 5 - A picture of your favorite memory. Impossible, just because my most favorite memories are ones that happened when no camera was around. Sure, I could punk out & put up a pic from our wedding, or when the kids were first born, but that's cheating, and a little hollow & expected.
Some of my favorite memories were ongoing ones.
Fishing with my Grampa at the farm.
Running full out on my little arab cross mare, Mindy or my pony Princess being well, a pony.
Laying on my horse bareback while she grazed in the apple orchard, my dog laying nearby watching over us.
Swimming in the summer, catching tadpoles, riding 4-wheelers, ice skating, gardening with my grandparents.
Just spending time with the family & my uncles shouting at the football games while I snuggled on Grampa, my head on his chest.
No cameras were there for that.

Day 6 - A Picture of the person you'd like to trade places with for a day.
Can't be done. As much as it sounds nice to escape from my life for a little while, I'm sure whomever I would switch with is dealing with problems I have no knowledge of, and would likely never be able to look at them the same again.

SO With all that seriousness behind me, I CAN put up some interesting pics.

Day 7 - A Picture of your most Treasured Item

This took some thinkin'. I couldn't say my horses, because they are more like my family, and not really posessions. I wouldn't say jewelry, because frankly, that's a cop out and expected from a girl.
I did however narrow it down to three things that I would certainly run into a burning house to save.
Number 1: My Extra Light, High Grade Winchester 1886 .45-70 Gov't. with a 22" barrel. Extra fancy straight grip walnut stock, butt plate, deluxe checkering, blued receiver with gold elk and white tail inlays. It is numbered - they only made 1000 of them that year. And I love it. A lot.

Number 2:
My Dakota Saddlery Roper, with all the bells and whistles, of course. It's a slick seat, great for hours and hours in the saddle, dally wrapped horn, saddle strings, weaver smart cinch, Schutz brothers buck strap, weaver breastcollar, 1" black wool saddle pad, and my super soft Schutz brothers reins. (2 pairs) Not to mention the tack store worth of accessories, goodies, spare parts and bits. I love this saddle. When it needs replacing, I will likely get one nearly exactly like it.

And, finally because I thought 3 was quite enough, though I could go on with a few more things.
Number 3:

My camera. Larry picked it out for me. I love it. I learn something new every time I pick it up, and I am starting to think that I'm improving my skills. I have realized that even though I have a kit lens, and I can get a LOT done with it, I will need to eventually pick up a nice macro lens and a kick ass telephoto zoom.

Monday, February 14, 2011

31 Day Picture Challenge --- Day 4

Day 4 - A picture of your typical night.

This IS the typical night around here lately. The kids watch cartoons until near bedtime, and if it's Davey's choice (he usually picks, bc he has the biggest mouth) he usually chooses to watch 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs'.
Every. Single. Time.

I watch them, clean up after dinner, try to pull together a load of dishes while attempting to keep Davey out of the blinds, out from behind the TV, off the dog, and IN his diaper & clothes.

Needless to say, the dishes don't always win.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

31 Day Picture Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 -- A picture of your favorite TV Show Cast

This is tough, because there are a few that I watch regularly, however, Grey's Anatomy has become my current favorite. When it first was out, I couldn't bring myself to watch it ... there was too much buzz about it. Now, I love it.

On the other hand, I have watched 'House' from the get go. I love House. He is absolutely THE doc I would want on my case if I had a medical mystery about me. Oh, and he does in many ways remind me of my Uncle Dougie.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

31 Day Picture Challenge .... Day 2

A picture of yourself and the person you're closest to.

OK. This is not a fair one. I am very close to several people, and Blogger won't let me upload all the pics I'd like to use. But, I am going to go with the obvious answers anyhow.
Hubby. Closest with him, but he may be 2nd place in closeness only to my Mom. Or Dad. Or Gramma Flash .... definatley the kids are a strong possibility.

What can I say? We are a very tight knit family. I love them all more than I can say, and I'd hate to think of breathing without them in my life.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

31 Day Picture Challenge

A couple of friends are doing this challenge on Facebook, and well, I've decided that I'm going to give it a shot, but only on my blog. No particular reason other than I want to try to keep updating this thing, and I can fully explain my answers here. SO ... without further Ado, ......

The 31 Day picture challenge ..... Day One.

A picture of yourself with 10 facts.

1)I am a middle child
2)born on my daddy's 30th birthday
3)I am overly artistic in most things I do - not intentionally, and not braggin .... just fact.
4)I have wanted to have a horse ranch since 1st grade, and I still have my creative writing paper from 1st grade to prove it.
5)I am a recovering catholic
6)Never have done drugs, or much alcohol for that matter.
7)I am a super sarcastic country girl
8)I have majored in college in: Theatre (tech), Art, Music, Art, Art Education. In that order.
9)I LOVE to hunt bears ... almost as much as I LOVE horseback riding
10)My family rules my heart, and I drive them crazy for it.

OK. So, the only explanation I need here, is that the above picture is a few years old. I was lookin' pretty well totally crappy since I was just out of a 3 hour drive from Marquette to Escanaba to see my uncle (who is in the uncropped version of this picture). I needed a shower & a hair brush, and clearly, a better looking sweatshirt. What can I say? We were headed home from a bear hunt.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Zodiac Myth

I would be lying if I said that a few news reports on there being a new astrological sign didn't confuse me. Especially when they lead in saying 'Listen up, Sagittarius', because hey --- that's what I am, after all. Or AM I? I rushed, and read every article I could on this 'new' sign, and was somewhat irritated to find that not only was my sign all jacked up, but so was everyone else. This was quite disheartening.
I am not superstitious per se, however, I do believe there is something to the whole astrology thing. It's especially fun to look up how wonderful your sign is, and of course, you see all those good qualities in yourself. Mine, for instance, says that us Sagittarius are "generous, sincere, clever, sometimes visionary, gregarious, upbeat, confident, impulsive, brave, extroverted, cheerful and optimistic" among other fantastic traits.
When hitting the negatives, they say words that I don't think are all together bad - things like "honest to the point of cruelty, exaggerated need for freedom, blunt, tactless, and insensitive"
OK. So, blunt .... check. Yep, that's me. Tactless - sometimes. Insensitive? Well, grow up or shut up in most situations, I say. Honest to the point of cruelty? Oh, well .... I need further explanation on that. I don't understand. Which may be part of my problem. When is it OK to lie? Never? That's what I like to think!!!
Exaggerated need for freedom? Well, who DOESN'T that describe, I like to think. ;)

HOW could this wonderful description (and more that I left out) be NOT me? This has been me forEVER. Ask my sister - she is very into this stuff, and she will agree, I think with a lot of it. LOL!!!
Yes, this fits me like a glove. So imagine my shock when I look to see that magically, someone says this is no longer me. No, instead of a skyward aiming centaur, I'm supposed to be some ugly, hairy, naked guy with a snake? Oh, hells no.
Please, if you appreciate the zodiac that follows the 13 signs, don't take too much offense.
It's not that I can't enjoy some of the things it says about Ophiuchus - Imhotep - like 'seeker of peace and wisdom, attractor of good luck and jealousy, interpreter of dreams, one who reaches for the stars and wearer of plaid". OK, I'm game. But WTF with the wearing of plaid? Seriously? That's part of a horoscope? HELL! ALL OF MICHIGAN MUST BE OPHIUCHUS!!
The symbol? The medical symbol with the snakes wrapped around a staff.
But, hey - "The Mummy" movies were about Imhotep, right? Oh yeah. The Mummy WAS Imhotep. Ok. So, I guess it's not as bad as it sounds, but, I'm still a Sagittarius. No matter what anyone says.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Artistic Possibilities

Did you know that I was an Art Major? Shocker, right? Yes, I love the artistic side of things. I really like drawing, painting, pottery, even sculpture sometimes. I get down with jewelry making, collage, woodworking. and pretty much anything else that I can get my hands on.

I adored my high school art teacher. She is one hell of a lady. Most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen on a real live human being. She inspired a lot of people to go with their art. She made us do a lot of contour drawing, which, at the time, I didn't understand, but once I committed myself to really learning to do it well - WOW. I started to really get into it. I don't think that I can begin ANY drawing without starting it as a contour anymore.
After I got through high school, I took every art class that the local community college offered. Before it was over, I was on my way to becoming an art teacher. I had the blessings of my High School teacher, and my college art profs. Then reality hit me.
Every single school in the state was cutting their art programs. I was pursuing a job that by the time I got out of school would likely be non existent.
It killed the art in me for a while.
but, I have rallied, with the help of some damn good meds for depression, herbals, and a supportive hubby. I still plan on having a horse back riding school, but until I can afford the land, buildings, and insurance, I'm thinking of starting up by teaching art classes, or organizing art groups at the very least.
That is what I'm doing today. I'm going through my supplies trying to figure out what I should bring tomorrow morning for our first art soiree. We're meeting at a lovely darling dear friend's house to have coffee, nums and make some art. I am SO looking forward to it.
Already, my Mom is saying she's planning on coming along. This is great. She hasn't really made any art in quite some time, and that is quite sad since she is one hell of an artist. But, I'm trying to kick start her. I'm thinking drawing supplies & watercolors. hard to go wrong with that. :D Wish us luck! We're having fun either way!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Do or not to DO???

I generally consider myself a blessed person when it comes to my hair. I adore my natural color - though, I will not lie - there have been many times when I have fiddled with the notion of going jet black or blonde. It always falls back to 'but, I just love the way my color looks in the sun - and it feels so warm to me.' Then I inevitably chicken out & leave it the deep rich, multi hued chocolate swedish brown that I was born with. Oh, sure, there have been times when I had a streak of blonde (called it my mean streak) and a few times that blonde streak met up with a bottle of Manic Panic in Vampire Red. Then it was a really mean streak.
But, I have been quite lucky that I have a highly talented sister that happens to cut hair.
Now, she just does it when she wants to now. She used to cut full time as a licensed cosmetologist, but now, she's a licensed 'bambulance lady .... EMS, Paramedic .... I really don't know the difference.
My latest cut is something ala Jennifer Aniston. Long, flowing layers that blend into each other.

Jenneyfur did it with a razor - which I gotta say, hurts, but looks kick ass when it's done.
Before that I always just let it grow, and she gave me trims to remove split ends - which I loathe. For years I generally felt that I looked like an out of place flower child that only needed a daisy chain crown to finish off the look. It turns out that when I let my hair grow, it is so dense, and heavy that it looks bone straight. Which is kinda weird, because I have kind of a natural wave to it if I keep it at any reasonable length. This is what my hair looked like for nearly 15 years.

Then, during a moment of irritation with my hair, on a night when my sister happened to be over to my folks' house doing hair cuts, I asked her to cut it. Really cut it. I wanted to try out a pixie cut. She was hesitant at first - and rightfully so, since I had at one point disowned her for trimming off 2 inches more than I had asked. She was nervous, but I insisted. Cut it. And, so, for a year, I kept my hair more to this style:

It was cute. It dried so fast I couldn't hardly believe it. But then, the downside reared it's head. I had to trim it ALL THE TIME or risk looking like the bad hair bag lady. Oh, and I missed the ability to put my hair into dual braids ala Little House on the Prarie. So, it had to go.

I find myself fighting back urges to do something wild to it. Like go blonde, then mulit colored. Or cut it all off again. Or ... who knows what. So, I am looking for suggestions. Please, let me know what I could try. I don't have a recent pic of myself, but I can tell you I have really HIGH cheekbones, a smallish, up turned nose, hooded eyes (brown) and fair eyebrows & skin.
Please help before I do something radical, totally. Like this.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Our new years eve was pretty tame. It usually is. We are not drinkers or partiers per se. We tend to choose to spend most of our time with family. As a result, The eve was spent playing video games & watching movies, eating popcorn, snackin'..... like that. I got kisses from the hubster and both boys at midnight, then we all went to bed.
New Years Day, we always get together as a family and have a big dinner. I don't know if everyone else does this or not, but it's what my family has always done.
Mom, Dad, Gramma Flash & Matthew came over - Mom brought potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans & chocolate cake. Jenny came over with the girls and brought with her pop, cheese & crackers, and I made bbq ribs & blueberry pie.
That's my oldest posing with the pie up there.
It was a nice way to ring in the new year, and I can only hope that it brings with it lots of good health, wealth, and happiness to our family. We could use a nice change of pace, anyhow.

Happy New Year, friends!