Monday, June 29, 2009

Horsey entertainment

Well, it's been an interesting weekend so far. Yesterday marked Trixie's 3rd birthday. Good thing I'm working on her every free chance I get - which so far, is not too much.

Yep. She looks overworked, doesn't she?

Wheezy got the OK to go into a small pasture with a friend last time she saw the doc. Looks like she is mostly blind now in that eye. BUT, she is certainly doing fine. She ran into the little pasture like she had a firecracker up her ass yesterday. This morning, it was just a bouncy happy feelin' good trot. Good for her. She's hangin' with Rosie, they're buds. They eat together, walk together, shit together... you know how those tight horsey buds go.

For the first time since I've had her (has it really been 4 years already?) I FINALLY got a great picture of Velvet. Oh, not one, not two - but THREE. I am still in total shock and awe.

Here is my favorite.

You can even see the teeny tiny star on her head. Aww. How I love that horse.

Then, to make my morning complete, when I got back in the house, ALL of my boys were awake, and having a good morning too!!! Larry was snuggled up in my bed, Big Larry was playing with the baby, and the baby (when he wasn't playing with dad) was jumping like crazy in his little johnny jump up thingy. Then this:

How can anyone NOT like this??? And, my little boy took the picture of my littler boy. Good Morning. Wish the whole day could run this smooth and cheerful.

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