Monday, May 17, 2010

Homeschooling Is Fun-ny.

This is the face I got a little bit ago. This is his "I-am-so-not-happy-right-now" look. It shouldn't but it cracks me up. Here was how our conversation went:
Big Boy: 'Do I have to do more Swedish right now?'
Big Mean Mommy: 'Yes, keep going - you're doing great!'
Big Boy: ' But Mom, this is hard.'
Big Mean Mommy: ' I know honey, but you really are doing great. Just keep repeating it back when they say it. You'll get it fast.'
Big Boy: 'But, I got like, 6 wrong. I stink at this.'
Big Mean Mommy: 'How many questions were there?'
Big Boy: 'I think it said there was 62. But I got 6 wrong!!!!'
(he was very upset. Have I mentioned he's a perfectionist?)
Big Mean Mommy: 'Honey, that's great!
Big Boy: 'No it's not. I got 6 wrong. Why are we learning Swedish anyhow? Why can't we learn Paris?' (French, people. He was refering to French.)
Big Mean Mommy: 'Because it's what some of Mommy's ancestors spoke, and I think we should learn it too. It's pretty'.
Big Boy:'Paris talk is pretty too.'
Big Mean Mommy: 'Yes, it is, but I can't yell at you in public in French. Too many people know French in this part of the world. I can get mad in Swedish and only you, me & your brother will know what the hell I'm saying. So study up.'

He is doing well, and he's quite proud of himself. He shows off to his dad all the time.

As would be natural, he wanted to know where Sweden was, and if it had any volcanoes. So we checked the map.....Yep. There it is. I couldn't find any volcanic info, though .... google has failed me before.

While I was at it, I showed him where our 'cousin' Anne lives in Sweden. It's a tiny little town to the extreme south, near Denmark. But, lets face it. A map doesn't always give you a feel for a place. So I found a few pics from the Skane reigon. Now, tell me - who wouldn't want to visit this place - especially during harvest time???

I could SO live here. Except for the whole crazy-gun control thing. Yeah, that wouldn't fly too well with me. Otherwise.... Yowza! See .... that could be MY little red house, tucked into the pretty pretty yellow field, with the forests in the background!

Thankfully, I think I still have a few years before I need to use Swedish girls' infamously famous good looks *ahem, ahem* as bait for him to continue his scholarly endeavors into Svenska. But when I do, that's one area I'm sure Google will not fail me. Oy.


  1. Don't forget the whole outlawing homeschooling thing. That may hold ya back too. While the US certainly doesn't have it's ducks in a row about some stuff, at least we still have a few freedoms.

  2. This is true. I would have him in public if we had a local public that wasn't such a cesspool. Alas, he's stuck with me for now :) yay! I love him stuck with me!!