Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome, Little Sweet One

I am VERY overdue in putting up my follow up post to the baby name game. 
I don't feel to badly over it though, as it's just NOW that I'm able to begin to get into a solid routine with my punkin's. 

I really went through the knot hole with this one, friends. 
I fought with the docs, nurses, myself ... everyone BUT little Flash. 

With some health 'problems' ... I won't get into detail, but it was a load of BS, essentially, just padding the bill for the insurance co, I am convinced. It got to the point that I fired one doc about 2 months before having  the little one, then nearly fired her replacement when he got confrontational with me without reading my chart. 
OH, you just gotta love attentive docs. 

I was *this close* to just packing up and spending the last few weeks of my pregnancy holed up in a hotel room in Escanaba waiting to go into labor and drive across town to OSF hospital for an emergency C. 

But, I did not. I tangled with the doc, gave him an ultimatum to do it as previously discussed, rather than hospitalize me for a week pre baby with no reason (other than bill padding) and off we went. 

She was born *technically* on the full Harvest moon ... the morning of October 1st, a very healthy 9# 1.8 oz., and 20.5" 'tall'. 

I was out of the hospital a day and a half later, as I was pushing to get out as soon as I could feel my feet. 

She is very healthy, thanks. Super sweet, and quite wonderful in my own opinion, seeing as she's spoiled me rotten with her sleep habits. oh yeah, she was sleeping a 5 hour stretch the first week home, and has slowly increased that. It's still just around 6 hours, but for a 6 week old, and a mom that's used to only 4 or 5 hours ANYWAY, I'm a happy girl. 

SO. Here she is. My little punkin' ... she looks very much like my baby pics, only she has LOTS of dark hair, and I was bald, then blonde, so... she's my little dark haired beauty. 

Happy Holy Deer Opener, by the way. I made it out today. Didn't see anything but a trespasser, some crows, various obnoxious birds, rabbits, a renegade squirrel, and some 3 to 4 day old deer tracks. Meh. Better luck next time, I suppose. 

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