Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Kid

This kid is getting frustrated. So far he's learned 2 or 3 different ways to multiply and because of it, he's confused. He is starting to panic when it comes to which method he's supposed to use.
It's not his fault. It's not his school's fault. I actually wish that there had been options like the ones he's got way back when I was little. Back then there was one way to do it and you damn well better learn it. FAST.
So, he's trying to hide his homework when he's done with it. In the last marking period, his grades have gone down one notch just about all across the board.
I love his little school. I just am starting to think he needs more laser focused attention than what is possible there. The problem is that there isn't anywhere else for him to go. Our local public systems that are a quicker drive are much far below the kind of attention he gets now. So that can't happen.
I could work with him more when he gets home from school, but then the poor kid is spending all the time he's at school working AND all his time at home after school until dinner time re-learning all that he didn't quite catch.
It's not that he isn't smart --- he just needs a slower approach and someone willing to try various approaches until the lesson sticks. THAT combined with someone who's stubborn enough and slick enough to realize when the little punk is trying to get you to do it for him. Clever little punk. He does that a lot.
Last night, we had to go over an english page about nouns - common and proper. He just couldn't grasp it. I did find a way for him to get it  --- I think. we'll have to see.
But right now, it looks like we need to re-approach just about everything. Like he needs a little extra push in just about the entire day in every subject.
I don't quite know what to do, but hours of tutoring after school that often ends up going on after dinner until bedtime is depressing for everyone. He's a KID for cry-eye.
He should have time to BE a KID after school. What kind of miserable existence is it for a kid that only eats, sleeps and does school work? GAH.

Some of the stuff they have to learn is a little ridiculous too. I understand the push the schools have going now for mulitculturalism, but come on. Why does that mean ONLY people that are a different shade than me and my kids?

Newsflash .... even within different areas of Europe there are vastly different cultures. Why aren't the Romani mentioned? I don't mind that my kid has a basic understanding of different cultures, but he should ALSO be able to explore his own roots and heritage.

While I'm on it ... why is there a whole month dedicated to Black History? It's spread throughout the entire year's curriculum, so why is there a month dedicated to glorification of just the one 'color'?

Why isn't there an Asian History month, or Latina History month? Why not a SCANDINAVIAN History month??

THAT one really burns me. Ask any American kid who discovered America and of the 99% that *may* answer, will all answer with Chris Columbus. Um. NO. That would be wrong, and it's been proven wrong, so why is it not taught that the  TRUE first  european to set foot on North America was Leif Ericsson?
YES. The Vikings were here long before the English or Italians or Spanish or any other european.

That's what all those freakin' cool as hell rune stones are scattered all over Canada & the UP on the way to the west coast.

Nearly ready to pull the kid out and teach him myself again. If I do, these kids have one hell of a path ahead of them. One thing I have going is that this time, I feel like I can get them into a group or two with the urging of a few kickass homeschool moms I know.

I won't do it though unless I have a solid plan in place. That was my mistake last time. Shot from the hip and had NO plan. There will be a plan next time around. And I am blessed that I know some great gals that are not afraid to direct me a little if that's what we decide on again.

GAH. Analyzing all this stuff makes my head hurt.

Just Sayin'.

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