Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Computers SUCK

We were having some pretty serious technical difficulties with our last laptop. For one, when we got it, the battery was fried. Never held a charge for longer than 15 minutes. That is SO irritating. You can't even check email in that amount of time - I mean, come on. It was fine as long as it was plugged in. Problem was, the cord was half worn out as well. So we ended up searching for a new replacement power cord. No prob - 50 bucks later, we were back in business. Then the stupid thing decided the port for the power was going to need to cord to be just so for it to funcion. Hey, even that I could work with - typing one handed so I could hold the cord just where it liked it. But then that didn't even work. No spare money to drop into a new machine - what's a girl to do?
Well, long story short, we are buying my mom's laptop. Don't know what kind it is. I do know that I have a key pad on this one, and that moves my arrows over, so I am forever hitting numbers when I mean to down arrow. I'm sure I'll adjust.
However, now comes the problem of what to do about getting off all the pictures of my sweet little monkeys. There are many on there, not to mention the half billion bookmarks of sites that I cannot remember one of. Ugh. I do NOT want to start over on that ball of wax. Oh no. I will find a way to make that damn thing work long enough to remove what I need. Oh yes, I will. And when I am finished, I will use the stupid thing for target practice. Yes. That's a good use for a fried computer. Sight in my rifle. Deer season is coming, ya know. A girl has to be ready. That's right. Ready to go and sit with a camera, and let the does walk over her legs again for the 6th year running. I know, I could shoot one, but I am holding out for a buck. The does always have babies with them, and I can't be responsible for orphaning one. So, I'll let them walk over my legs again. Such an odd feeling to have deer walk almost on top of you. So far, they have not known that I was there. Maybe I'll procure a trail cam and take some pics of them walking over me. THAT would make for some good stories, eh? No, no, no. That won't do. Then I'll have to explain to my hubby why I didn't shoot her. Hmmm. damn. Another dilemma. But, I am off to bed for now. It must be done so I have the strength to stay awake while my son works on his handwriting. It has to be more boring for me because I am not doing anything at all.
Wait - what was I talking about? How did I get here? Nevermind. Sweet dreams!

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