Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kayaks, Hidden Lakes and New Friends

This morning a good friend and I decided to commune with God and nature by spending our Sunday morning floating along the edge of a little lake I didn't even know was there. Simply beautiful scenery, the company was incredible, and to top it off, we made a couple of new friends.

It started out for me by sneaking out of the house after gently kissing my hubby and sons, and taking the dogs out to the horse barn with me to do some morning chores. They were happy to come along, and went through the big barn with me to pull a bale of hay, but when I headed to the horse barn to feed the girls, they decided they didn't want to go that route. I can't say as I blame them. Last time they tried to be friendly with the horses Teddy got a little love tap from Rosie in the mouth. Instead, they ran to the top of the stairs and waited ever so patiently for my return.

So, dogs out - check. Horses fed, - check. Fam kissed and properly set up before I leave - check. And, it's not quite 8:30am. Killer.

Off I go to pick up a little OJ and water, and meander over to my dear friend Deanna's to load up a couple of Kayaks and hit the water. When I got there, her dogs greeted me like family - lots of puppy kisses all around!! We loaded up her truck, and headed to a little lake not far from her place. I had no idea such a nice little spot was there. We put in at the public landing, and started our incredible morning trip. Meandering around the curvatures of the lake, greeting and being greeted by the one pair of fishermen, and a handful of resident humans, swans, and mud ducks. I even got dive bombed by a wren. What an incredible way to kick off the day! Drifting through the lillypads, watching the bullrushes and cat tails sway and bend in the morning breeze, the sunlight illuminating every leaf. Every sparkle on the water twinkling a cheerful good morning.

We took the grand tour of the lake. Exploring the shorline from a distance, taking it all in, and soaking in the morning lake air. Oh! How I miss living on a lake when I get an experience like that. Great conversation took up the morning as we both caught up with each other on our day to day lives, and reminisced the times we've shared over the years - has it really been 17 years??? SO hard to believe! I was just a snotty punk when we met, not long after her return to Michigan from Alaska. It was her dog - the Ambassador of Golden Retrievers, Sir Rusty Musty Halitosis that made me fall for the Golden. He truly was the best dog that ever lived. We remembered Rusty in his prime, and the good times we had with him. We waved to fishermen, and gentlemen doing sunday yardwork. We took pictures on the lake. Then something unexpected happened as we closed in on the end of our morning adventures.

We met Bill. He hailed us with a good morning, and then, unexpectedly and quite welcomed, invited us to coffee with him and his lovely wife, Ingrid.

What a charming couple! They were sweet and engaging, and everything a couple married for nearly 50 years should be. Incredibly warm and welcoming, I really enjoyed meeting Bill and Ingrid, but then it kept going! They showed us around their Paradise Island, and took us into their home to show us around the charming lovely and happy little house, and all of their outbuildings. We heard some of their history together, and the history of their home. We got to see pictures of their family and my hand to God, their granddaughter has some of the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen on a child. I showed them pictures of my sons, and we all hugged when we were finally ready to shove off their little island and head back to the public landing. I don't know how long we spent with them, but they were incredible. Turned out Bill even knew my grandfather from his time at I&M. What a small, small world this can be.

I'm sure Deanna and I will put in again and see Bill and Ingrid - hopefully we'll get the chance to bring them a bottle of wine, or some other little token to truly show our gratitude for their incredible hospitality to a couple of punk kayakers on a random sunday morning.


  1. almost feel like I was there. Very descriptive. I can feel your warmth Kim. Surely a God given day. So glad you got to go with your long time friend. Lots of love here.

  2. That sounds like an almost perfect Sunday morning. What a great idea!