Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Picking Party of '09

This weekend was the big apple picking party at one of our neighbor's orchards. This is a major event for them that they throw every fall. They invite their friends & neighbors from Chicago, and Michigan to their home tucked away in an apple orchard to celebrate the season, pick some apples, and have dinner. In addition to the general happy times, the past two years we have been invited to bring a pony over for all the kids to play with, spoil and get little pony rides from. This is great fun, and usually the kids need a little coaxing into getting on the big, snorting beastie... kidding. Our Champ is an old worn out fella that loves kids, so it's a perfect fit, but with kids that are not used to such congenial old fellers, he is I'm sure, a savage, snorting wild man. But, I'm paraphrasing here.
So, this year, our oldest boy came along to kick things off and ease the kids' minds. Of course, the best way to do this is to show them how we do it here in the 'sticks'.

They were lining up like crazy. There must have been oh, 15 kids or so that took pony rides, some of them twice. There were a few more timid kiddos though that would come near, but were afraid to even pet the old man. This guy was NOT one of them. He sat with Champ on his 'break'. Right on the ground with me & Champ, petting him for a good 10 minutes.

Of course, it was an apple picking party, and what group apple picking soirre is complete without a hayride? Well, they did those too. Hay ride to the larger area of apple orchard, and back to the house. The adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids, I think.

I didn't take the hay ride, though when I saw the pics of the kids playing and helping each other in the orchard, I kinda wished I had. That's alright though. Me & the other kids were busy with the pony. Look at these guys though. Picking up ones they missed, comparing sizes of the ones they picked. How cute.

Then trouble showed up - with a capital 'D'. David. Two of them. Yep. That's my dad and my boy in the pumpkin get up. I think they're pretty cute together. Dad had been holding him for a while, sleeping - probably a good 20 minutes before he woke up, then it was a great game of pass the baby between my folks, me, and Larry.

Davey LOVES Champ, by the way. Something about his cute little pony ears he just can't get enough of. He had a little ride too, but this was one of the best shots of him trying to get Champ's ear.

It wasn't long after this that Davey started to get a little cranky (probably because he had some joy kill telling him to not put the pony's hair in his mouth) Little Lar was galavanting around with a friend's son - Steven. They hit it off, and disappeared to the playground area together. They were pretty much inseperable all night. Mom left with Davey, and shortly thereafter Champ's duties were kaput, so we loaded him in the happy trailer and headed home - where he promptly started trotting around once I let him loose. Booger. Little Lar, Mom and I headed back to be friendly and have a bite with the group. Lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks, Bruce & Sandy - we all had a great time!!

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