Monday, January 11, 2010

Been Vewy Vewy Busy

I will start posting again soon, but I have been very wrapped up in some non computerized projects as of late. Things like Christmas, and birthdays, and horses.... all things that do not work if I am on the computer all the time. Tomorrow is my son's first birthday. It will be fun, I'm sure. He's just so easy to deal with. He loves everything, and is happy most of the time, even when you consider that he has a stuffy nose, he is just Mr.Sunshine. So, although I can't tell you exactly what I'm doing for his party, it does have something to do with this little guy.
Trying to keep the house somewhat inhabitable, Math with Mr.Grumpy Larry, and organizing the kitchen have been eating up lots of house time. Not to mention the handling of the animals, feeding of said animals, and riding when I have the time - it's all english this time of year. I don't like to get my leather wet, and the Weaver just happens to be english, so..... there ya go.
Speaking of horsey things, I have been hard at work creating Lady's memorial-tribute-rememberance item. I'm still not totally sure what I want to do. I have some great ideas, and may end up having to do more than one thing. But, as a result, I am learning some new tricks - like braiding and hitching horsehair. It's a little harder than it looks to be. Mostly because the hair is so.... darn.... uncooperative.

Much like it's previous residence (Lady's mane and/or tail) But, when this sucker is done, it will be nice, for me at least. This is one area that I have to say to hell with what everyone else thinks of it. This is about me & her, and the love we had so there. (you can read about the beginnings of the whole sordid affair here :

But, I am rambling again. BAH. To the kitchen with me.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you baby boy! Hang in there. :)