Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend started out exactly as it should have -- once it got started. I didn't get a sitter, so I couldn't go down to the big car show and snap pics of hot rods like I wanted to so so SO badly. However, that didn't mean I couldn't snap some pictures!
For instance, we had a lot of these this weekend.

Yep. Not much comes close to the first few fresh local crops. We had asparagus, and now we're getting into the good stuff. Fresh, still warm from the field Michigan strawberries ... yum.
The boys had some - surprisingly, even Big guy got in on the picture - he doesn't like to eat fruit or veggies. It's a struggle. But, with a little powdered sugar, apparently, they're ok.

Little guy was doing fine. Must have had 5 or 6 before big mean ol' Daddy cut him off. It was ugly. As seen below. Please, pay no attention to the strawberry juice dripping off his widdle face.

His Dad was not prepared for his tenacity. He just climbed up on him & TOOK another berry. Bit his Dad trying to get it. Then we got this look ...

Kinda looks like 'Yeah, Dad, that's what I thought!'

So he gave up and fed him a few more.
Memorial Day, we had a special moment that just kinda came together fast. I ran out of the house barefooted with my camera to snap these. Gramma was going to take a ride in the Model T. She hasn't wanted to get out of the house since last fall, so this was big. And in the T. WOW.
Got a couple shots with Big guy on the running boards, I liked this one best - Gramma's laugh is so easy & carefree.

They had to do a quick check on the T at the barn then off they went. I got this from a strategic spot.

Hit the brakes (no one was anywhere near me at all) and snapped this as they turned the corner... I love that car. It's wicked crazy to drive, but very very cool.

This is Red Arrow Highway. No joke - the old girl was clocked at a solid 40mph. I'm thinkin' she'd do more if she got a good tune up. Dad is working on it. I'm trying to get him to let me help.

Finally, at the cemetary. That's where we were headed. To visit my Grampa's grave, which had just been decorated the day before by Dad with the flowers I picked out. I miss him every day. He was a WW2 navy vet that saw just about every battle in the pacific, and was on the beach after the bomb went off in Hiroshima. He passed away from Cancer the day of our Wedding reception. I see a lot of him in our youngest.

This is my Uncle Don's stone. He was just about to graduate from HS with a full scholarship to Texas A&M for Music when he died from his injuries from a tragic car accident. I hope the other person responsible for his death is still haunted by their carelessness & disregard. It nearly destroyed both of my grandparents & my Dad.

Got a lovely one of Gramma looking towards the headstones. Though, it is hard to see her with the glare on the windshield. That's Dad getting water for the flowers in the back ground.

The two of them - love them both so terribly much. Gramma was smiling the whole time from what I saw.

On the way home, I hit the brakes again to catch this one, with Gram's arm hangin' out the window, enjoying her little trip.

Turning down our road towards the old family farm.

It was a wild day after that. We'd rushed at the cemetary because of the thunder rolling around. Dad didn't want to get caught in the weather with the old car. (it's a 1927, in case you wondered)
Grampa had refurbished it a few years before I was born, so it's always been a part of our family. It's always been there. And, it's hard to hear that old engine chuggin' away without thinking of Grampa, and his perfect imitation of it.
The only thing that can stop me crying is when Dad hits the Aaooga horn. Yep. that did it.
Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and had a chance to thank a veteran. They are the reason we can do as we please. God Bless the U.S. Military, and the ones that never came home.

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