Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prepping for the Weekend

Almost a month ago, I went to a local fun show to snap some pics, get my name out & have a little larf. The feedback I got from the kids & adults I snapped pics of was very encouraging, so - I'm headed back this weeked to do it all over again! My plan is basically to take pics for nearly ALL of the 4th of July weekend. Between snapping pics of my kiddos, the horse kids, and the fireworks, I should have puh-lenty to edit come monday.

Last month, I showed up a hair late for the beginning of the festivities, but did manage to get a few good pictures of the kids doing showmanship, and some of the pleasure classes. Some of my favorites from that part of the day were the ones waiting to show - like this girl here....

She looked so intent on what was going on in the arena. So serious.
At some point, there were a couple horses being ridden by kids that I know, who apparently wanted to say hello to me - so I snapped their pics too. Check out the eyelashes. what fun!!

And the glassy-glossy reflection - you can see my flannel shirt, and another horse in this one's eye. Wild.

Of course, some were just plain tired of all of it. This boy cracked me up. I swear to you, when I crept up to snap a few pics, I did NOT wake him up. I'm somewhat sure he was snoring as I left. Yes, horses snore .... some of them.

I got a much better pic of this little girl and her horse (the one ON the horse, that is) but already, I'm getting picture heavy here.

Some were a little anxious from time to time....

No good reason to put this one in here, other than to say that this boy was a stud not too long ago. Not just any stud. The daddy to the two foals I raised here on the farm. I am particulary fond of him. Hims a good boy.

And, of course, there were lots of pics to be taken in the speed classes. This girl was one of my favorites of the day .... she turned the barrels right, didn't look too aggressive or scared during the run, didn't whip her horse (that I saw), and the color scheme she chose flowed well with both her & her horse's coloring. You don't think that matters? Oh, it does. To me anyhow. Look at the important parts of the picture. Really. Her expression is concentration. She is sitting well in the seat, not leaning too far one way or the other, good loose rein, and as a result - a willing, ready to please horse. Look at his ears. They are bright, and attentive, one locked on to her looking for her cues. Great.
There were actually, quite a few good shots that day. Just about every rider I snapped gave up at least one good shot.
Anyhow, I'm getting ready to do it all over again.
Stay tuned for more!!!

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  1. Wow Kimi! That last one was an awesome action shot. I have been working on my action shots with birds and I am starting to get a good feel for it.