Sunday, September 5, 2010

School Daze

It's been a while, but Little Guy is headed back to a 'regular' school. He has missed playing with other kids on a regular basis, and all of his old friends have since abandoned him - knew it would happen, but hated to see him go through it. He enjoyed his time homeschooling, however, and wants to do swimming lessons and piano still. He also wants to ride the horses, but I need to get some things lined up before I go looking for a new pony for him now that his old Champ passed away this summer. BUT, I have all the confidence that he will do fine after a little re-adjustment period.
He's not the only one ....

Larry is going to college for the first time. He has chosen a career path that should be in demand no matter where we end up. He's going to become an RN. I couldn't be more proud of my darling 'Focker'. He's excited to get into classes, and though he's starting out easy and getting the prerequesites out of the way, I have full faith that he'll ROCK this. He's great with people, caring, and unlike me, does not pass out at the sight of free flowing human blood. What can I say? I guess I got a little Bella in me.
I'm headed back too. Though, my path is one that I've wanted to do for ages, but have not been encouraged by my father to follow. Not because he's unsupportive, but because he's already gone down that path, and knows first hand how tough it can be, but it is in my blood, and I can't turn my back to it forever.

I'm going to take the builder's prelicensure course this fall at SMC. I am excited to start - I've done lots of the stuff that will be covered, and when I'm through, I'll be eligible to take the test for a Michigan residential builders' license.
It's going to be a little hectic this October-November, but we'll manage. Larry's classes will run the full semester, but mine are only from Mid September to mid November. I should be able to take the test, and with any luck, be licensed by the new year. So there's my little update. Hectic times to follow.

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