Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

I recently (well, not too recently) had a moment when it became necessary to re-arrange my summer schedule. It involved a cake, somewhat like the one below, that announced to my closest family that in addition to the inital surprise of becoming parents (again), we could even tell the family WHAT kind of baby we were expecting unexpectedly. 
After 2 super sweet little boys, I wasn't sure what we should have. Another boy would be great --- I'd have 3 little cowboys, the opposite of my mom's 3 little girls. This was the result of our ultrasound, though officially, I won't 100% believe it until little Lily is in my arms. 

YES, we are supposed to be having a little girl.
As I said --- I won't totally believe it until I've got her. NOT at all in my immediate plans. We were going to wait a year so baby would be 4 years from Little Guy.
However, it wasn't my idea. It wasn't hubby's idea. Nope. I was on birth control pills --- took them religiously, same time every day, never missed one. Didn't matter. Not complaining too loudly about the whole thing though because
1) we were planning on one more, even if the timing wasn't as I saw it
2) It hasn't interrupted TOO much of my normal routine. I haven't been sick at all --- I was tired for a while during the first, but that was remedied with an afternoon nap most days. Horse training is out, just because the little mare is green, but come October, oh, little one you watch your ass -- I've got pent up training to deal with!!!
3) Even after figuring out I was unexpectedly expecting, my math was WRONG. We're farther along than I had initially thought. In fact, as of Friday, we will be in the 3rd trimester. Apparently, I hadn't seriously considered the possibility of pill failure until I was damn near out of the 1st trimester. OOPS. Good thing I'm not a drinker.
and finally ...
4) She's healthy. She's a SHE. I have wanted a girl since first finding out about my Big Boy. I wouldn't trade him for the world --- or his brother, but a girl. wow.

Officially, I am fa-reaking the hell out about that single fact. I have my little cowgirl comin'. Oh shit. I have a little cowgirl comin! that means dresses & skirts & bows in addition to the bluejeans & cowboy boots.
Oh hell, I hadn't considered the clothing aspect. When the boys picked out an outfit for her, my oldest wanted to get her a pretty dress. As I turned around and noticed the dresses in the store, I suddenly and inexplicably had a tiny panic attack. Dresses hadn't even crossed my mind. Yet, my darling young man had considered it. Oh hell.

We had to leave immediately. too much stress for me at the time.

Next time, I'll talk about my foray into girls names. makes me think my migrane is coming back considering that one.

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