Monday, February 15, 2010

Evil Pesties

I know. Yesterday was all about the love - so why did I start the day thinking about evil nasties. Well, I can assure you, it wasn't my fault. I was sippin' on a little coffee, thinking of all I had to do this morning when from over my shoulder, outside my window, I heard an awful screeching squawking noise. Oh, dear Lord, no. BLECH. I HATE THESE DAMN THINGS!!! Unmistakeable to my ears since I have been waging war on them for several years now, the screech of one of the two rotten rat bastard birds I loathe. And, here they are. Grackles....

And Starlings.....

These birds suck. They are nasty disease ridden pests that take up residence in ALL of our outbuildings and shit freakin all over everything. I swear, during the worst part of the season Dad's big barn has a river of bird shit in it.

If you think I'm being cruel in saying these things suck the big one, look them up. See all the harm that they do. I am not exaggerating. They are evil. They kill bluebird babies too, and quite frankly, I prefer songbirds. They kill the songbird eggs, or chuck the babies out of the nest. That isn't kosher with me, and when you add to that the fact that they are NOT native birds - well, I will never be one to cry if they were to suddenly dissappear from the U.S.
So, the attack plan is simple.
1)Try AGAIN to block all passageways into the barns & out buildings.
2)Build Traps to catch the little rat bastards (they are smart. I've seen them get caught, and consequently escape.
3) Pick up one of those fake owls and see if it helps - that IS what they're there for.
and finally...
Hope like hell that the kestrel box my husband placed will actually attract kestrels. This would be great. The kestrels, or .... sparrow hawks... love to eat these vermin. They clean em up. We had one nesting IN the big barn a few years back, but when we closed up the barn, well - the kestrels couldn't get it. I think we had far fewer nasty birds around that year too. I can only hope all of this will work to nail these buggers.
If all else fails, I'm not against picking up a kick ass pellet gun and picking the little buggers off one by one.

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