Friday, February 19, 2010

Frustrated ... Again

Have you ever had a day where you end up more confused and irritated than you started?
Seems to be a common occurrence around here lately. Not that I wake up confused, but once people & critters start poking themselves into my peripherals & interacting with me I sure have been watching the stress level rise.
For instance - Wheezy. Holy wah. OK. She's blind in one eye, suffers from heaves, and I believe that she has some sort of other malady as well. She just doesn't keep weight for beans. Doesn't matter how much she eats, it just doesn't go anywhere. Everything has been done. Veterinary intervention, supplements, medications, weight gain, special senior diet, even though in years she is no senior by my measure.
None of it matters. She will not hold weight. Add to that the simple fact that this one eyed business is the pits. She has NOT adjusted to it. That has to be adding stress. The other horses pick on her - I can't say if it's because of it or not because frankly, she was always low horse on the pole. I just don't know what the hell to do with her. It would probably be easier to handle if she were a snuggly, friendly, warm, engaging animal. But, she's not. Sure, she can be friendly. She can be sociable - but easy going & fun to be around - not likely. She can be most of those things for a little bit at a time, but truth be told, most of the time she is a cantankerous bitch.
She has at one time or another - and sometimes, all at once: bitten me (no biggie) charged me, tried to bash me with her front, and her back end, she's reared up at me when I tried to give her hay, struck at me when I walked up to open her gate, and most recently - after turning her fool ass around in her stall, waited until I walked past her gate to try to kick me with both barrels so to speak. She got the stall door, but she sure did tick me off.
Now, I have not beat this horse. I have not worked her over. I have actually been an advocate for her, and come up with new ways to try to improve her health that she has looked forward to - generally involving food.
But she continues to try to take a shot at me. I'm sorry but that just pisses me off. Never again will I be her advocate when someone seriously talks about putting her down. I think it's time. Her health is not going to improve. This is just fact. If pouring on food does her no good, supplements don't dent it, and meds do not help her - I'm thinkin' we're at the end of the line.
It's not my call though. It's not my horse. I have not told her owner (mom) about this last indiscretion of her horse. Every time I mention how she has tried to nail me, Ma's reaction is always the same - incredulous shock as all she can say is "Wheezy?!?" As if that particular mare is so far above that kind of behavior. NO. I'll let it continue until she decides it's time to put her down or I end up with a broken leg - unless of course, one of the kids enters the picture. But, I really don't think Wheeze has that much time left in her. We will see.

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