Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little things & one big one

It's been a little while since I've written about anything. Sorry for those that care. :) Lots of little things have happened.

  • I'm on a new antidepressant that seems promising so far, though it's not doing much for the anxiety side of things.
  • My little palomino that I sold seems to be fitting in well in her new home, and both her & her new owners seem happy with each other.
  • Toney Boney has been having some major bladder control issues, that have proven to NOT be from an infection ... it appears that our pup is just getting too old to control himself, so we're not sure at this point how much longer he'll be with us before his quality of life is less than happy for him.
  • Cupcake got a MAJOR haircut, and looks a lot like a poodle again now that she's a temporary shorthair, but her energy level is up, and she is enjoying sticking with me for walks & trail rides.

The kids are great, Larry's enjoying his job, and I am s-l-o-w-l-y getting the new photog. biz off the ground. I'm thinking of having some artistic prints made, matting them, signing them & taking them to a farmers market, don't know if that would work, but it may be worth a shot.

Gramma had a pretty scary episode last Friday that had all of us worried sick. She'd just eaten her breakfast, and stood up from her chair when she suddenly lost her vision. Mom helped her to sit down, then she got sick, her blood pressure shot up, then fell and she passed out. They called an ambulance but by the time they got here, Gram was more or less back to normal - vision & all. In the ER, they did a ton of tests, and found her salts were off, and she had a UTI. It took 2 docs before we heard what the likely culprit was ... the infection knocked her system a little loose, and that paired with her neuropathy problems caused some miscommunications between her nerves & brain. The infection is now kaput thanks to some wicked good antibiotics, and we'll just have to be careful that she doesn't stand up too quickly or show signs of any new infections.

Aging is a bitch. Not just for those that are aging, but for those around them that love them too. It's so hard to see her slipping when it seems like just yesterday she was chasing down my big sister in the back yard to give her a spanking - and catching her too.

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