Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Really, Girls? Do I have to referee ALL the time?

This morning, I went to feed my girls, check their water levels, give them a quick brush, feed the chickens, and Dean-O - like I always do. And, as usual, my sweet girls were waiting for me ever so patiently. Looking like they hadn't really seen me in days rather than the hours since their last feeding/brushing, etc.
I walked into the barn, and headed towards the hay as usual, but when I looked towards their section of the barn that serves as a run in shed .... I was irritated.
They kicked the access gate to the run in. Which, broke the post that holds the hinges of the access gate. And, they cracked the post on the latch side too. One of them did, anyhow. No way to tell for sure who the guilty party is, though I think I know who it is.

This is not the actual post, but it pretty much illustrates what the little booger did. To top it off, because of their confinement to the paddock (I can't let them loose in the pasture. Not without being there 24/7 to watch them. They always seem to break the wire fence this time of year, and they could be 2 counties over before I figured it out right now) they are chewing wood making me think that they are not really the purebred quarter horses, and paint horse they appear to be. They must be some twisted Dr.Mephesto crossbreed of horses and beavers. Oh, sure they look equine enough, but they could fell a tree they way they've been going lately.
Flat wood is not safe either. It's not just fenceposts & 2x4's. Oh no. Wood walls are getting it too.

They chew away at the boards, the posts .... I have the paddock wired for sound just to keep them from totally destroying the barn around their ears.
*****************not my pic, or horse here.
For some reason, even treated wood is tasty to them. Though, they are quite smart enough to do it when I am NOT there. They know they're not supposed to. Even when I am there for several hours, and their food is long gone, they don't chew when I am there. They just wait for me to leave.
******************not my pics, nor my horses
So, while they squabble .... really, it's Dona & Rosie that are squabbling. They are fighting for the no. 2 position in the herd, and Velvet is uninvolved, strangely. It changes from day to day. One day it's Dona, the other it's Rose. Velv likes both of them, so it doesn't really matter much to her. Rose is feeling her oats, Dona doesn't want to be stepped on. I think eventually Dona will win just from sheer size though. She will be nearly as big as her mom, and Rose, well ..... rose is just around 14.2. But, a scrapper. They both have bite marks, and I know they've both been kicking.
So, long story short .... I kicked them out of the run in until I can make the repairs and cover all the walls in sheet metal. Should take me a couple days. The entries are now hot wired to the fence. They will be fine. They won't be too happy with me, but I'm not too pleased with their Royal Beavernesses at the moment either.

****none of the pictures in this post are mine. I have had no time to photograph lately. I skivved these off the web *****

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  1. **** not my horses. when I am there, they behave as if there is nothing in the world that excites them ever. All the troubles happen when I am gone, so I have no actual pics of them bickering. They all just stand there when I'm around waiting to see who gets petted first. but, they aren't spoiled. No. not at all. :D