Monday, January 17, 2011

New Zodiac Myth

I would be lying if I said that a few news reports on there being a new astrological sign didn't confuse me. Especially when they lead in saying 'Listen up, Sagittarius', because hey --- that's what I am, after all. Or AM I? I rushed, and read every article I could on this 'new' sign, and was somewhat irritated to find that not only was my sign all jacked up, but so was everyone else. This was quite disheartening.
I am not superstitious per se, however, I do believe there is something to the whole astrology thing. It's especially fun to look up how wonderful your sign is, and of course, you see all those good qualities in yourself. Mine, for instance, says that us Sagittarius are "generous, sincere, clever, sometimes visionary, gregarious, upbeat, confident, impulsive, brave, extroverted, cheerful and optimistic" among other fantastic traits.
When hitting the negatives, they say words that I don't think are all together bad - things like "honest to the point of cruelty, exaggerated need for freedom, blunt, tactless, and insensitive"
OK. So, blunt .... check. Yep, that's me. Tactless - sometimes. Insensitive? Well, grow up or shut up in most situations, I say. Honest to the point of cruelty? Oh, well .... I need further explanation on that. I don't understand. Which may be part of my problem. When is it OK to lie? Never? That's what I like to think!!!
Exaggerated need for freedom? Well, who DOESN'T that describe, I like to think. ;)

HOW could this wonderful description (and more that I left out) be NOT me? This has been me forEVER. Ask my sister - she is very into this stuff, and she will agree, I think with a lot of it. LOL!!!
Yes, this fits me like a glove. So imagine my shock when I look to see that magically, someone says this is no longer me. No, instead of a skyward aiming centaur, I'm supposed to be some ugly, hairy, naked guy with a snake? Oh, hells no.
Please, if you appreciate the zodiac that follows the 13 signs, don't take too much offense.
It's not that I can't enjoy some of the things it says about Ophiuchus - Imhotep - like 'seeker of peace and wisdom, attractor of good luck and jealousy, interpreter of dreams, one who reaches for the stars and wearer of plaid". OK, I'm game. But WTF with the wearing of plaid? Seriously? That's part of a horoscope? HELL! ALL OF MICHIGAN MUST BE OPHIUCHUS!!
The symbol? The medical symbol with the snakes wrapped around a staff.
But, hey - "The Mummy" movies were about Imhotep, right? Oh yeah. The Mummy WAS Imhotep. Ok. So, I guess it's not as bad as it sounds, but, I'm still a Sagittarius. No matter what anyone says.

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