Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Bunnies are Always Welcome Here!

First of all, let me say that around here, no matter the weather, irregardless of holidays, visitors, you name it - every day is more or less the same. There are reasons for this. Generally, most of those reasons center around the livestock, and dogs. But, that's alright with me. I don't need extra fanfare for holidays, it is a pleasant reminder that no matter how overly anxious everyone gets, chores still need to be done, animals need to be fed, and life - no matter what - goes on.

With that in mind, my Easter started out like any other morning. First things first, even before the kids get up, the horses must be fed - and they got their Easter breakfast laced with barley, carrots & apples. I also discovered through my pictures that my 3 girls always stand in this order when they are together. ALWAYS. (please notice the 'silvering' in Little Dona's mane - more on that next post.)

Then after the goat & chickens have been fed, it's up to the house to say good morning to Ma, Dad, & Gramma. Take a peek at the flowers along the way ...

This morning, it was double check that the bunny had brought a basket for both boys (we did no Easter egg hunt this year - we rarely do) and start with the cooking/making sure everything was done for the Easter dinner. Grab a cup of coffee, head up to my little family & load up them & all that I had made & come downstairs, camera in hand to catch the fun the boys would have.

It took this little guy some time to dive in, but once he did .... well, he was still pretty darned delicate. Check out the marshmallow egg action there.... notice the fingers!!

The big boy ended up only having eyes for the squirt gun initially. He did nibble some chocolate & dance around (still learning to take action shots, so the ones I did get I was not happy with, so you can't see them *nyah!*
It wasn't until later last night that he really got into snugglin' on his bunny, and then he was quite concerned as to how he would ever tell the difference between his & his brothers'.

Aside from the stuffing, all I really had to offer this Easter was cupcakes. Why have a cake when you can have a cupcake? Not all of them were fancy pantsy though. Most were quite simple, but I just HAD to make some pretty ones!!!

In short, I sure hope everyone had a great Easter! Ours was quite laid back, relaxed and homey. Just like I like em to be. It was good company, well behaved sugared up little boys, and in the end everyone probably overdid it, but had fun doing it! How did your Easter pan out?

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  1. Love the cupcakes. They look so pretty. I am glad you had a good Easter :)