Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Stroll

Took the camera with me to do morning chores - there are some green things finally poppin up around here, and I wanted to get a few halfway decent snapshots.
Of course, the animals were not feeling very photogenic this morning, so I skipped that and went to flowers. They have little choice but to be photgenic. They don't get moody, or distracted because I just fed them, and food is oh, so important to fat sassy horses, chickens & even wild geese that won't keep the hell out of my pasture. Rotten geese. I hate them so.

Sorry. Got caught up for a sec. Where was I? Oh... right. Flowers. Well, Daffodils are blooming, and starting to go past their blooming time even. Hyacinths are lovely, but when there are cats & a teenage boy that make a point of trying to trample them throughout the rest of the year, well. . . they don't fare so well.
Lucky for me, the cherry blossoms are out. In full force, too. I liked this one best out of those that I snapped.

BUT, while checking out the bee hives (pretty sure they are kaput) I was stunned to see this little bugger smiling at me next to the fence.

Yes, yes, YES!!! I love lilacs! I can't wait to have them in full bloom so I can pick a few and let them 'stink' up the house. :) One of my favorite stinks.
Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. Our cherries and lilacs are blooming too. They will probably make it on the blog tomorrow. We also have crab apples blooming. We are under a freeze warning tonight. Hopefully our farmers won't have any significant damage.

  2. We did fine for the freeze here - next up is the tulip tree! I'll see if I can get the kids involved too. The morning sun seems to be the best light around here, so I've been snapping mostly right after chores. Ah well - more to come!