Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Hate It When They Grow Up So Fast!!!

This is my little guy leading his old man pony. All alone, he's in control. No chain.
It makes me so proud. He rides him in the round pen without any help. AH! My little cowboy!
Does my heart goood.
And it doesn't.
Just because, all that really means is that he doesn't need me quite so much anymore.

Until, the pony is tied, and the pony gets to eyeballin' him. The boy gets nervous. He has to come straight to me. Not that I'm complaining.
He's got his first 4-H meeting this weekend. It's awesome. He will be the boy of the group. I have warned him about it - he says he's cool with being the only boy there. We'll see how it goes.
Lead line for him this year. Don't want to go spookin' him off. Oh, and his soon to be new pony doesn't necessarily 'ride' just yet. She will be fine for lead line by fair for sure. Nearly there now, but not for him alone with no help. Nope. That's what the old man is for.

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