Tuesday, March 22, 2011

31 Days ..... still

A picture of something you LOVE. It would be redundant to post up family pics or even horse pics here, because, well .... that's a given. So, here are some details.

I love ALL flowers. This actually isn't too far from what Gramma's funeral spray looked like.

I love the UP. ALL of it, but the west & central areas especially.

I love riding my horse on the beach ... though there are not many places where that is permittable anymore. Shame.

I love me my black bears. They are truly my brothers & sisters.

I love my anniversary present from the hubster. I have looked for this, or one like it for nearly 15 years, so I am thrilled. It's about 2 inches long. So, it a big ol' honkin' moonstone. Cleansed under the super moon, a-thankya very much. Oh, and it is THAT particular pendant. The place makes only custom one of a kind pieces. That one there .... that's mine now. I have it on. It's good.

I would apologize for so many pics, and so much explanation, but I won't. It's not like me. If one pic is worth a thousand words, thoughts or feelings, well .... this is a step better.

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