Sunday, March 27, 2011

31 Days ---- Day 13 ... no, wait .... 14.

Day 14, well. I'm skipping that one. It's supposed to be a pic of someone you can't imagine your life without, but I'm already living that with Gramma gone, and I don't want to jinx anyone else that I love.
Day 15 is something I'd like to do before I die, and I 'll give you 3 off of my bucket list. 2 kinda go hand in hand though ... like they could be done on the same voyage. I hope.

I'd like to do a Norwegian or Icelandic fjord crossing at low tide on horseback. This isn't the pic of the dream vacation, the dream vacation involved 2 horses for the day of riding b/c the 1st would get tired. You ride one horse across the fjord at low tide, ponying the 2nd along, swimming where needed, then picnic, trailride & enjoy the scenery before galloping back on the 2nd one. Sounds like FUN to me!!!

Cattle drive. Oh yeah. Sounds fun - pay someone else to do their work for them. But, I'd try it once anyhow.

And finally, visit the family that is still in Eslöv, explore the country side that my family came from, breathe in the farmland air over there .... and find my roots.

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