Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 11 of the Picture Thing

A picture of something you hate.

Chicago. I freakin' hate Chicago. And, most of the trash that comes out of it..... largely people like this:

Spoiled jackasses that think the world owes them just because they were born.
I'm sure if I lived closer to the east side of the state, it would be Detroit that was the bullseye of my hatred, but I am on the west coast of Michigan, living in the dead center of FIP (F*cking Illinois/Indiana People) vacation territory. Basically that means every weekend all summer long, our area ... our peaceful farm land area ... is invaded by loud mouthed, drunken jerks that park in 2 spaces at a time at the grocery store, cut you off on the road, then slam on the brakes, talk down about the locals and do all that they can to screw you over.

I say this from experience. My family's building business has suffered more at the hands of true FIPS than anything else. They act like you are a blessing, then try to get the whole job done for peanuts - seemingly forgetting that this is how we make a living. It's not a hobby - it's our livelihood. They just don't get that. We're stupid locals to them and we should be paying them for us to work our asses off on their deck, or shed or garage, or addition or whatever. JACKASSERY.

** disclaimer*** I will admit, not all people from Illinois/Indiana are FIPS. There are a handful of people that I truly love from Chicago. (You know who you are .... and you know the kind of people I'm talking about here too, so don't take offense if it doesn't apply) It's just that it's like finding a diamond in a box full of cut glass & zirconium. So rare, and hard to ferret out, while all the true fakes, losers & FIPS are doing their damndest to look like they are the precious stone.

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  1. Wow you go girl! Its one of the things I really disliked about SW Michigan. No FIPS down here and the elderly that really should not be driving are further south in the Miami/Orlando/Tampa areas.