Wednesday, November 5, 2008

arabs can be fun

I can't do all my barn work myself, but thank goodness I have such a great hubby (don't make me regret praising you, hon.)

Tonight, my Dearest went out & cleaned all the stalls (except one that needs attention before the snow flies) and spread lime for me
Roll Lucky me! Show me a girl that wouldn't appreciate that, and I'll show you a snotty little shit.

Mom went out with me to help handle the horses, and give them dinner, tuck them in, etc. etc.....
The usual course of action is: distribute grain & hay, then move the Arab stud, bring in Ma's paints, then my girls, then the weanling & pony. The weanling, I believe has not really been handled much in his short life, and has some serious trust issues with people. So, I am working with him slowly, and steadily to gain his trust, and teach him that people are good. Because of his breeding, this must be done very carefully and calmly - he's an Egyptian Arabian, which I have been told can be a little hot blooded lol!! Scared 2 I will tease about him, but he just doesn't understand life with people yet. He's comin' though.

I decided after watering everyone and latching their gates that I wanted to go in & see how spooky he really is. Yep. Me & my curry comb. Hey, the little guy was a disaster. He needed it. Dirty, skinny, loosing his foal coat (he's almost 6 months old) and he SOOOO needed it.

Well, he was apparently not imprinted, or if he was, it wasn't done properly or as thoroughly as I do. He got a crash course tonight though!! One hand with the curry, the other on his halter, and with a little nervous dancing on his part, it wasn't long before I had one side brushed out, worked on his belly, and some little de-sensitizing done. Mom came in & tried to settle him with some baby talk & coddling while I did the off side. I don't think it helped much, so I'm going to try to either do it alone, or get her to lay off the coddling for a while.
He did well, and he's substantially lighter in color already. Above are the old pics. I'm callin' him Sparky. I think that will work for now anyhow. I'll try it for a few days and see if it sticks.

His Daddy is from a world famous Arab barn in England. Mom is much more local. Mom's barn name was Claudia, Registered name is SHS Mar Norusa. She's the dark grey to the left....

Dad's registered name is HS Tadeusz. Pictured above. He was bred by Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones. I'm thinkin' Sparky's going to look like Dad color wise..... Suggestions for barn names would be appreciated

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