Monday, November 17, 2008

Sugar Nazis

Well, I had to go to a nutritionist appiontment last week, so they could 'educate' me on the proper things to eat, etc.... except, during the course of the consult, I corrected the nutritionist oh, 4 - 5 times or so. LOL. I now have to take blood sugar levels 4x a day (no biggie, just an inconvenience) . Larry went with me to chaperone the nutritionist appointment. I think he went to protect the docs, cuz I was ready for a fight. Grrr
Basically, I made them push me through, and I pointed out several times that they simply had not even read my information that they insisted that I fill out.
For those that care, my sugar has consistently tested normal - low. so, bite me.
As I had said a bazillion times before - I don't need no stinkin' sugar nazi trackin' my moves.
I have proven time & time again that you don't need a title to know how to eat halfway healthy... oh, and I have NOT changed my diet whatsoever. So, there. Tongue Out

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  1. I remember my first appointment after getting preggers, and she was going over all the food things. She told me NO FISH from MI. AT ALL. I asked about the EPA guidelines. NO! she said. I told her that we had done tests in the lab I worked at (Dept Environmental Quality - hello,I WORK with PCB's and mercury!) - where we ground up fish and tested them - all fine, no trace. She told me NO FISH!!

    I ate fish. And they were good.

    Book learnin' is no replacement for common sense.