Monday, November 10, 2008

Loss of faith in schools, now.

Some of you may know of my utter dissapointment with public schools in general. They are overstuffed, understaffed, and prone to ignore kids that think outside the box.
As a result of this, I chose to put my son into perochial school. They have a much better reputation of excellence in education, not to mention instilling a morality in kids. At least, that's what I thought.
During the 2nd week of school, my son's teacher wanted to have a meeting with my husband and I about our boy. At this time, she told us that he wasn't keeping up to the level that she anticipated him to be. THE SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!! As you could imagine, this kinda irritated me. This was by tues. or wed. of that week, as well. I would like to meet the kids that are totally back into the swing after a week and a half of school. I decided that I would give my SON a chance to see if he got into the swing, but as time went on, I realized that he was not being given instruction. He was not being worked with, but he was being continuously put down and reprimanded for not keeping in step. I started keeping a close eye on how he was handled, how he reacted to school related stresses, and how he started to become more and more reluctant to GO to school. Then I started to watch how controlling the staff was becoming, and how they were actively trying to force him into their mold.
I went to this school as a child. I went to this teacher as a child. THIS is not how they worked way back, in the stone age. I could understand him falling a little behind IF there were more than 8 kids in the class. I could understand them telling me he needs extra help, extra work, or even a tutor to keep up, but no. I was told during the second week that they wanted him to repeat 1st grade next year. WTF?
This is not teaching. A friend told me this teacher should be reported. I agree. I am considering it. I am infuriated that they would treat my son this way. I am infuriated that they would treat ANY child this way.
These people get a premium for this level of 'education'. I am beyond words with this one folks.

In the long run, I have pulled him from that school. I will not subject him to another second of their condecending bullshit.
Just had to get that off my chest. OH, and there will be no more church. My faith in that religion was trampled long, long ago. I was glad to see on his report card in the section that handled religion - he needed improvement in recitation of prayers, and areas of that nature, but the one section that counted for me was that he excelled in caring for others and showing a concern for the other kids and their well being. He also was marked as a big positive for taking responsiblity for himself, and other practical areas of real life.

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