Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Never really tried this one before....

Never really been much of a blogger - usually it's only when something phenomenally strange happens, but seeing as I have little to do at the moment, I'll give it a shot for a little while at least.

My hubby & I are going through a pregnancy for our 2nd child (which, incidentally is why I don't have too much going on right now business wise) who is supposed to be a boy - but we'll see in January for sure! I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a few weeks ago for the 2nd time - which in laymans terms means I'm diabetic now until the end of this pregnancy. How bad is it? well, time will tell for sure, but you can bet your ass I'm probably going to have to get a blood glucose meter of my very own, and use it for a few weeks anyhow to see if it's something that can be managed with diet alone, or if I'll need pills or insulin. Been through this before, and it was no biggie, but I'm dealin' with a bunch of super drama-queen-prone docs this time around, so stay tuned, I'm sure it will become a big fat hairy ordeal before it's over. But, I promise, I will be sure that I will make a mark on these people before it's done ;)

I have 2 horses here at the farm that are very rideable (by me anyhow) but I have had to put that on hold for the moment as I have started to loose my balance. Damnit. Hopefully all goes well with this baby, as I have a 4 year old that needs to learn how to trail ride, and a soon to be 3 year old that needs to be started under saddle, oh, and if I don't find a good home for my mom's rescue Arab, he'll need to be started in the spring as well - as a 4 year old. If you don't know what all that means, ask me or another horseman.... it's easy enough to explain.

Hunting season is looking particularly gloomy for me, anyhow. I have 2 arrows for my bow. Yep. 2. If I loose one, well, it will be a real pain to get in a second shot if the opportunity presents itself. Or with target practice, even. Damn. Just waiting for shotgun to open, and hoping it's a nice *warm* morning. Otherwise, I probably won't be doing too much hunting (hard to climb a tree with a budda belly goin' on - how DO those big redneck guys do it????)

Ugh. Enough for now.... more later.

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  1. Good question...How do those beer belly boys make it into their tree stands? It's a conundrum! Blog it!