Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I hope everyone had a nice, pleasant Thanksgiving. Ours was pretty much normal for the crew here. We were lacking only my little sister, and my big sis's hubby.
My big original plan for the day was to head down to the Black Friday sale in Shipshewana to drop off a stud horse. For anyone that cares, there isn't anything wrong with him, I just have no room for a stud at the moment, and although he is a sweetie, I have that whole 'impending problem' feeling that just won't go away. I know I don't have time to start 2 colts in the spring, and he's 4. For an arab, that's perfect to start - however, Lady - my big sorrel - had a baby oh.... 3 years ago June who has been on my roster since birth. Sorry, but the filly gets higher priority based on ... well... she's mine & I said so.
I think I'll have time for one colt between baby feedings, & issues, just not time for 2. Oh, and I'm homeschooling my little guy now, so that's a little bit of time shaved off the day as well.
SO... with luck, Ma & I will go to the fabric store for a few sale items I can use to make some kiddie Christmas presents, and keep away from a little trouble.
Monday, we have an appointment to get the stud gelded. Hopefully that will make him more sale-able, and at the least, I'll be able to turn him out with the girls without worrying about any hanky panky consequences, oh, and quarter cross breds. blech.
The reason, by the way, for NOT going to Shipshe? -
1) prices at auction suck, especially at Shipshe. He would probably bring in around ... $40 or so. IF I was lucky, that is, and THAT would not even cover the auction fee & coggins, let alone the gas to take the truck and trailer down there.
2) No one wants a 4 year old stud colt. Nope. Gelding, well - maybe. But untrained stud never gets the draw that even an untrained gelding would.
3)My biggest beef with him is that he is simply a stud. Loose those loose parts, and I think I can tolerate him until he is sold, or given away - if it comes to that.
IF you know of anyone at all that would like a good little prospect well, send them my way. I will cut them a deal, and he will be gelded before I post again, for shore.;)

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