Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Horsey Morning

Every morning, I get up with the sun (or before) and try to sneak past Davey who's sleeping in his crib so I can pull on my boots and head out to the barn to feed, water, and pasture my mares & mom's mares. I go out, throw a little hay and open the gate to the main pasture so my girls can go graze in the tall grass of the big pasture. There is all kinds of Timothy, Brohm, and Alfalfa along with orchard grass, and blue grass out there. There are also a couple of short wild blueberry bushes, wild strawberries, and dew berries all over out there, and an apple tree that they nibble the fruit from in the fall. The majority of the grasses out there is as tall as I am right now. Sure, there are spots that are nibbled down, but for the most part, they could eat out there all day & night and still not eat it all down. But, I digress.
Every morning, I trek through the back yard, past the pony staked out in the clover, towards the barn where I am greeted with cheerful and warm nickers from (in order) Trixie, Lady, Dona & Velvet. Rosie & Wheezy call to me too, but it's my mares I'm focused on. They are usually grouped up near Rose & Wheeze (who stay seperate from them 90% of the time) until they see me. Then they ramble on up to me because they know I'm going to pet them, then let them loose. They all need snuggles. So I am happy to oblige them. I finally took a camera with me.
They were in a good mood, and happy together. What more could I want from them?
Well, maybe a ride later. We'll see how the day shapes up.

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