Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Campfire

After the birthday bash week, Larry rekindled his friendship with his ol' buddy ol' pal, Kathleen. They have spent the night together at her house, and now, they've had a campfire, with her little sister, Kyra in tow. It was a fun evening. They had burgers for dinner then played while I got Champ ready to give them pony rides. Larry was showing off his horsemanship by leading his pony for the girls to take a ride. Then, they headed up to cool off, and play in his room while I put Champ away, and then we got to have a campfire to roast some marshmallows & make some smores. They seemed to have a pretty good time, running around like little maniacs, screaming, throwing a hackey sack at each other, and falling into fits of giggles. They caught lightning bugs, and had races up and down the gravel road. Before it was all over, they didn't want to leave. Even Kyra wanted to stay. They played balloon volleyball, so to speak, and when it hit the ceiling fan, holy wow. You'd think there was never a funnier thing in the world.
Makes me remember being a looney kiddo myself, and doing the same things.
This is one of the best parts of summer ... well, that, and riding the horses, thunderstorms, fresh produce by the ton, and swimming in the lake. Yeah. That's about it.

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