Monday, August 10, 2009


My sister has this darling little girl - well, she has two, but this one makes me laugh much more than her big sister.
Kayleigh is 2. Whoever said they were terrible just didn't have an appreciation for a very small child's outlook on life. How can you take up issue with such big innocent eyes when they look at you and say 'WHY?'. I will never know. Yes, it gets irritating around the 40th time, and it doesn't get any better around time #463, but you got to admire that insistence that there must be more to ... whatever it is.
She adores her cousins. Loves to spend time with Larry even if he says 'I just can't take her anymore!! She makin' me crazy!!!' Which, makes me laugh a little every time.
Every time she sees me without David, her first words to me are not the usual 'Hi, Kimi'. Oh no, it's - 'Baby up-tairs? Why? Where baby?' She will sit there, and watch him and say 'Hi, baby' about a gazillion times.
She keeps up with even the biggest kids most of the time, and she can kick her big sister's butt. I've seen it happen. Of course, Hannah likes to pick on her - as most big sisters will do.
There was an instance a few weeks ago that, I'm sorry, I had to laugh.
Hannah snuck something out of the refrigerator, so of course, Kayleigh wanted one of whatever it was too. Only, Hannah blocked her, and wouldn't let her get in. Kayleigh said 'Want. One. ... WANT ONE TOO!!!' but Hannah just looked at her like 'ha ha, can't make me move, and I don't want you to have one'. Kayleigh punched her square in the face. Maybe it shouldn't have but it cracked me up right on the spot.
I bring her up because she is hanging with me & the little boys for a little bit this morning, and she always ends up doing something very uniquely Kayleigh. I look forward to whatever silliness she comes up with.

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