Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cowboy tricks

It is cold out. I know, not really a news flash for Michigan in December, but true nonetheless.

Today our temps, in the (rare) sunshine of our version of the west coast have soared to 28. However, with the fabulous wind chill, it feels much closer to 20. Well, that's not too bad, until you attempt to perch yourself up on a horse, and spend a few hours.

You would think that this is not a big problem for me, and true - I don't mind the cold. I DO take serious issue with the wind though. Ugh. Pet peeve of the whole dang season of winter. I hate the wind. I am keenly aware of it. I would rather ride in 10 degree weather windless than 30 degree weather with a breeze. The problem I have is simple. I have nothing that cuts the wind to keep me warm. Sure, the horses have a nice thick coat, and my coat is great - puffy, down filled, wind resistant. Deerskin leather gloves that don't keep warm, but stop the wind. My legs though - WOW. Frozen legsicles are no fun for me or anyone that I will snuggle next to later.
Then, yesterday I had a total mental breakdown breakthrough. I DO have a pair of motorcycle chaps that ought to do the trick.

Problem is, I am NOT a working cowboy, and I have not had any real use for chaps up to this point. So, how long are they supposed to be?

Jean length? A couple inches longer? The cowboys I've seen all seem to have them just over the arch of the foot. I was confused. So, I did what I would do on any given day, and asked the general list of friends on facebook.

An old cowboy pal told me right off, as well as another horsewoman I know. The answer was the same - put on your boots and go to the floor with 'em. And so I shall. If I can get the hubs to take some pics, I will post some of Velvet, me & our mismatched tack :) It doesn't bother us - gets the job done, and everyone's happy.

Hopefully it will do the trick - how else am I supposed to pull THIS off a little later this season??


  1. You are crazy. It is too damn cold for this foolishness. Go in your house like normal people.


    Fool who cleaned stalls for two hours in workout pants in 20 degree weather tonight

  2. lol @ Paige ;) I got too much yooper in me to let a little snow bother me - wind, well, that's another story :D