Friday, December 18, 2009

I Sure Do Like Those Christmas Cookies, Babe.

For anyone that might be interested, I am posting up Christmas Cookie recipes from here until Christmas on my 'other' blog. You see, I've tried to keep things here from turning into a food blog, and so started a second one just for my Swedish delights. Feel free to browse what I have up. I try to give a little insight and background on every nordic tradition that I write about as well, so a little fun with that too!
Today I covered Rosettes, but have already done several others. Here's the teaser .... The Rosettes...

Spritz cookies... Little Davey's favorite -

Pepparkakor - a year round Swedish hit.

Fattigman's Bakkels - a Norwegian treasure.

And there will be more. Most if not all are going to be Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish in origin, though I may have to throw in something Danish. At any rate, all are lovely, and relatively easy to do yourself at home. Thanks for listening!!!

Please, check em out!!!

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