Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Looms ahead

Here's hoping that everyone had a great Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice or whatever you choose to celebrate, filled with family, love and peace!
Ours was better than I thought it would be, truth be told. Davey's first Christmas seemed to go well. He liked opening up his presents, but was fascinated with some of the fancy paper as much as the new toys. I can't blame him - there was some pretty sparkly/opalescent blue that I would put on my walls I liked it so much.
Larry didn't get much on his big list, though try try try we did. Just couldn't find anything he asked for that wasn't ridiculously expensive - has anyone seen the pricing on Legos lately? They're frickin' nuts!!! SO, we did what we could, and came up with some great stuff that he enjoyed anyhow. He was irritated that his wish list wasn't fulfilled, but who as a kid actually got everything on their wishlist? I know I never did!!!
Larry & I exchanged token gifts(we both knew what we were getting), and that was pretty much all that there was. I felt bad not being able to get anything for my folks & Gramma, but there was nothing that she wanted, or needed that I could afford to give her. To top that off, she's read all the stories that are in the genre she enjoys, and I can't find another series that she has taken to yet. I will find one, but she's a tough sell. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll take em! She likes fantasy books, and has read the Harry Potter series so many times the bindings are coming apart on all of them. Her Twilight set is in similar shape - the cover is missing off the first novel (paperback) and the other 3 all have torn pages, coffee spills, etc here and there. The Eragon Series, or whatever it's called, is in the same shape as the Harry Potters, and don't even get me started on the poor condition of the Lord of The Rings set.... only problem is, Tolkien doesn't flow as easily to read, so she doesn't want to mess with it. That's one that she'd rather just watch the movies for (and she does!) But, I digress.
In short, hope all have a good week leading up to the New Year. I'm sure it will be more or less same ol' same ol' here. Season's Greetings!!!


  1. How about the Percy Jones series that they are making into movies now. Here is book 1:

    or the Ink Heart series:


  2. I've read and enjoyed all those books too and though it's a bit late now - but suggestions for birthday or next Christmas...

    Terry Goodkind - more adult fantasy (as there is pain & blood & sex in 3rd book in series) but absorbing gripping story with good hero and heroine. First book is called 'Wizards First Rule'

    Stephenie Meyer's book 'The Host' though about aliens rather than vampires is very good.

    Robin Hobb is another excellent fantasy writer.

    And it's also possible that she may really enjoy Anne McCaffrey's Dragons of Pern series... Dragonflight is the name of the first book. These are well worth reading.

    Oops, think I've put my recommendations in the wrong order - I think she'd prefer Anne McCaffrey more than Terry Goodkind.

    (Best wishes... ps found your blog through Horsenamegame site and stayed to read back a while - loving your photos!...Lynn)

  3. Dragonflight -

    Assassin's Apprentice (Robin Hobb) -

    The Host -

    Wizard's First Rule -