Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So Comes December

Now, we welcome December. Deer season is pretty much over for me, and it passed me by nearly unnoticed. I did my traditional days, but could not go out much more than that with building days, babysitting, and just being stressed out to my eyeballs.
Turns out that I could have gone without the building portion of the game. NONE of the saddle stands I made sold at Shipshewana on Black Friday. I did end up with a compliment from a couple of Amish men, so that was a nice pat on the back. The big birthday bash was not big or a bash - but I am used to that. I went out to hunt with my iPod and a book, kind of knowing full well that there would be no action. Kind of the way hunting has gone for me for the past few years. Didn't read the book, and only had the iPod in one ear, but still. I took a little freeze your ass off time to my self. Seems like I just can't get enough of it! Sadly, it looks like most of the bucks I've been after have gone nocturnal.

Next, the time comes to finish some more woodworking, though the saddle stands will have to be on the back burner a little. I have to take one to the tack shop, but now is the time to make some peanut dispensers, pull toys, block sets, and rustic signs with smart ass comments. Probably make a rocking horse for my little boy too. Then comes the baking, the basket making, the cards, the mess that is Christmas!! Hold on, I will try to blog away this month, but if you don't hear much - well, it's probably because it's just too busy!
Today is my niece's birthday, so Happy 3rd to her!

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