Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fun Monday on a Tuesday .... again. OOPS!

So, Julie @ Another Chance Ranch set the question::
When do you start decorating for Christmas?
So you go all out? Or just put up a tree? Do you have a theme each year?

Personally, I love the Christmas thing. I start decorating Decamber 1st. I can't bear to do it any earlier than that, because my birthday is the 30th of November, and I have to be in birthday mode before I can indulge in Christmas. May even have to wait until the 2nd now, because my favorite niece's birthday is the 1st of December (should have been the 30th - just sayin')

I try to go all out, but I am too broke to really do so. I have to have a tree, a wreath, and anything else is just frosting. Candles should be everywhere around here too.

I prefer my tree to be decked out in all white lights with all white & silver decorations, but I am starting to lean towards other things. A tree iced in white just seems so .... nearly natural. I will probably keep to white lights this year and do all 'rustic' ornaments. I love that country look ... barn stars, paper, cloth & wood ornaments, gingham, fake berries ... the works.
My one guilty pleasure during the year in preparation for christmas is that I collect blown down bird nests. I was told once that they are good luck, and I love the way they look in the tree. Especially when I find them that are made with my horse's hair. Brings a little of them into the house with me :)

You can find Ms.Julie at www.anotherchanceranch.net and sign up to play along as well. I will play as long as I'm welcome to! Thanks, Julie!


  1. Awesome! My dad found one with my horse's hair in it once. It was in their attic, I wonder if someone threw it out when they remodeled, or if they kept it, ha! I have one of her old horseshoes for decoration.. I dont think it made it out of the packing box, or if it did, I'm not sure where it is!

  2. I can't say I blame you for waiting until AFTER your b-day to decorate! I love the country flair too. I think that is neat to put an old bird's nest in the tree for good luck. I heard that too, so it must be true!

  3. Thanks, ladies :) I know just what you mean, Jill - no idea where most of anything is!! I need to paint the house yet too. :P
    I can only hope it IS good luck, Church Lady :D I'm just about ready to take another look for more. I think I have about 8 of them right now

  4. Tastes in Christmas decorating can change over the years--I've done natural trees with baby's breath instead of garland and all warm-colored lights. Birds nests would look lovely on this tree. When I stopped putting up a tree it was all glittery with old glass ornaments and multi-lights.

    I saw on one of your other blogs that you have a Scandinavian heritage? Lately I've gotten really interested in that part of the world from reading Stieg Larsson's "Girl with Dragon Tattoo" series and watching "Wallander" on Masterpiece Mystery. I hope to go there next summer--beautiful country.