Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Fun ... aka Julie Made Me Do It

Julie over at Another Chance Ranch is hosting a neat game this month, and I'm playing along, because Lord knows, I need something to write about that isn't me complaining. No one likes a bitcher. That's what I'm told. SO, here's today's assignment:

Tell us about your Thanksgiving Day meal. Do you have a menu planned? Do you have the traditional turkey dinner, or go a bit more non-traditional? What is your favorite go-to dish for Thanksgiving? Any recipes you'd like to share?
You can find Julie at She's got a great site there.

OK. So, this is an easy one for me. We go traditional. BIG time traditional. We make the same kind of bird - every year. It's always stuffed with my Gramma's home made stuffing, which consists of : chopped up stale or toasted home made bread, diced onion, celery & mushrooms, butter, spices & chopped up giblets *though, I must confess - these last few years that I have been in charge of making it, the giblets seem to just, get lost. Or, the dog eats them. It's befuddling. AND, no one has noticed the difference.*
I make mashed potatoes, and tend to occasionally slip a rutabega in the mix when no one is looking. heh heh.
Also on the list is homemade cranberry compote, pumpkin pie, fruity jell-O, green bean casserole(for my hubbs), sweet potato casserole 2 ways ... one with marshmallows, the other with pecans, spring peas with butter, plates full of hawiian rolls, cheese & crackers, veggie plates & occasionally a dip or two. Not to mention the deviled eggs ... or as my son calls them, neviled eggs - thankyou, Cartoon Network & Chowder. I owe ya.

SO, here is my recipe for Nevilled Eggs, er... Deviled Eggs ala Swede :)
Boil as many eggs as you think are necessary, then throw in a few more for good measure.
When they are fully hard boiled, peel and slice long ways, dumping the yolks into a bowl. To the yolks, add a fair amount of Miracle Whip, a dash of yellow mustard, and a splash of cream. Season as desired, mix the dickens out of them, and pipe into the waiting whites. sprinkle with paprika for colour. ENJOY.

I sincerely hope your Thanksgiving is blessed, and you have more to be thankful for than you did last year. :D


  1. You're right, it's hard to find something Thanksgiving related to whine about. Now Christmas is an entirely different matter. . .I'm thankful for a lot in these tough times from a good dog to health. Your menu lineup sounds pretty exhausting. Hopefully you have reinforcements?

  2. I do, Faye :) Hubby wrangles the boys while I get going in the kitchen - Mom does some of the sides & desserts, sisters bring the platters of crackers & cheese & fruit & veggies & whatever else seems like a good idea at the time. No Aunts or Uncles ever come by, so it's kind of a smaller group, but - it works! Big list, little group lol :)
    Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving & Christmas too ;)

  3. I love reading about cuisine from the US. Sounds like a World in a meal. Thanks for sharing and enjoy when the time comes.

  4. Mmmmmm deviled eggs. I think I'm going to have to add those to our list this year too.

  5. Joangee - it pretty much IS the world on a plate! Makes it easier to travel, you can bet you'll find something you like wherever you go!