Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun Monday .... Christmas Shopping

The final November edition of Fun Monday, hosted by Julie at Another Chance Ranch ( in case you missed it)
She asks today of all the players :
"When do you start your Christmas shopping? On Black Friday? Cyber Monday? And, who is the hardest person to buy for?"

Well, first of all - Christmas is banned in my house until after my birthday. I have spent too many birthdays running around worrying about what to do for everyone's christmas that I have, quite literally, forgotten that it was my birthday. A hazard of being born at this time of year. So I refuse to get into the Christmas thing until December 1st. The 30th of November is a super special day, as it's mine & Daddy's birthday.

Who wants to fight a black friday crowd anyhow? I mean, check these goons out ...

who the heck gets up at 3 am to shop? Not I said the fly. I am a hide in the house type anyhow. I will shop when the mood hits me, and I am inspired. There has been many a Christmas Eve-eve that I've spent running around all over town for last minute wowzer gifts. And it turns out fine. Besides, all I can think of doing when I'm in a mall of people frothing at the mouth is that I'd rather get a cinnamon roll and a cup of cocoa and curl up by the fire away from the mess.

Snuggling is more important than shopping. always.

who is hardest to shop for? Bar none, my dad. To understand, you must know the backstory. When he was a kid, he was the typical kid. Until his 8 year older brother was killed by a drunk driver. His mom (Gramma Flash) went into a deep depression and was more or less comatose for nearly 2 years. When she 'woke up' Dad had changed deeply. He no longer wanted any toys. Every Christmas & Birthday was the same answer for Gramma when she would ask for his list "It's OK Ma, I don't need anything". He was 11. His list is the same now. No matter what he gets or doesn't get, he's fine either way, and to get any reaction out of him, even if it's something he really adores is the same. Very calm & reserved. Can't get a rise out of him. SO, I would love to come up with something for the man who has everything, and whose birthday I share (I was not aware enough to remember it, I was his 30th birthday present). Any ideas? He has everything he could want.


  1. Dads are hard! I am old enough to remember giving my dad cartons of cigarettes (they came in holiday cartons)! Thank God, he still lived to be 84.

    I applaud your delaying of Christmas. It is a rule in my house that you cannot mention Christmas till Thanksgiving is over. If you do - no gifts for you! I only had to enforce that rule one Amazing how smart my grandkids are!

  2. and Happy Birthday to you and your dad tomorrow!

  3. Hello, I am glad to meet you on your birthday. Happy Birthday to you and your Dad. I hope that this year is your best ever. Maybe spending time with his thirtieth birthday present is all your dad needs.

    (My birthday is Friday. I was born on my grandmother's 75th birthday. She did live to be almost 100.)