Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh, That's right - I blog too!

I am the first to admit, I am behind on things. There has been a move, now we're remodeling the new pad. The big kid is in a new school, the little kid is busy, busy, busy & into everything. Literally. Everything. It's a constant chase with him. He's a lot of fun because of it, too.
Hub's job is going alright, his school is doing great too. I'm very proud of him so far. In the midst of this, I am juggling caring for my animals, and trying to find a nearer to me place to keep them, doing my own homework for 3 classes, and all the housework, cooking, and some of the home improvements.
So, imagine my surprise when one day, not too long back, my dear sweetheart came in & says to me "I don't suppose you feel like baking anything delicious, would you?" which, was really funny, because in spite of the madness around me I did. I really, really did. I needed this new place to be filled with smells that were familiar to me - chocolate or cinnamon. Something .... wafting from the oven making it more mine.
"Actually, I have been thinking about doing some baking." I shocked him.
"Really? Great!" he sounded too flabberghasted for my liking.
"WHY. What have you volunteered me for now?" I snapped to him. He's done this before when I had too much going on, so my hackles were instantly up.
"No, no no.... I didn't volunteer you for anything -- yet. It's just that work is having a fundraiser for Relay for Life, and they need people to send in some sweet things, and I thought, if you felt like it, maybe?" he queried.
"Hmmm." had to think about this one. I hate baking for people I don't know/like. I find it a waste of time. but this was charity. "Alright. But, I'm not baking any cakes. No one knows how to cut them up right to feed a crowd. I can do cupcakes. How many do you need?"
Clearly he was surprised.
I asked him for flavors, he had no idea. So, I gave him an extensive list of somewhat oddball flavors that all spoke to me "FALL". I told him to choose 3. Here's what I came up with...

Pumpkin Spice with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting ... topped with a candy corn for a little festive color.

Tiramisu ... coffee soaked cake topped with my special mascarpone frosting & cocoa powder

And, finally - the showstopper (though you couldn't tell by looking at it, necessarily) S'Mores.
Graham cracker crust, chocolate cupcake topped with graham cracker crumbs & a toasted 'marshmallow' frosting.
Got some great reviews on the Tiramisu & S'Mores. The pumpkin was good, but kind of predictable for what it's worth.
And, just when I thought it was over, my son tells me he needs some cupcakes for his school's cake walk for their fall party. AND, that he needs s'more cupcakes for his class halloween party the following week. Oh, and I brought some s'mores to a friends' party as my 'dish to pass'.
I've had quite enough cupcake baking for now. I will be taking a hiatus until nearer to Christmas when I will have to gear up for cookie mode. But, we'll hit on that later.

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