Monday, November 22, 2010

Fun Monday!

It's just another manic monday ..... that Miss Julie over at Another Chance Ranch ( has made a little more interesting.
Once again, friends, I signed on to play this monday. Not sure what to do with this one, but I will try!

Julie queries "What is your favorite beauty product? Any why?"

Simple enough. Except I am the most unorganized, frazzled, not really worried about how I look woman on the planet. No, really I am. I rank right up there with Mama grizzlies & my mares in the pasture, only - I groom my mares pretty regularly & use product to keep their manes lookin' SHARP.
So, that leaves me a little bit out of the loop here. But, believe it or not, I do have a few favorites. No, really - Jessica, you can stop snickering. lol.

Now, I must tell you, My Gramma Lily was a massive advocate for beauty products. She was a huge fan of the entire Oil of Olay product line. She used the creams, the capsules, the toners & face wash. She was like a walking talking spokeswoman. And, it did her well. I would love to have skin as soft as hers, but I just don't have her dedication to it.

It would not surprise anyone that one of the products that tops my list is Pantene. I usually get the stuff that's supposed to be for long hair. It smells great to me, and that is one of the major determining factors in my hair product purchases.

What you may not expect though .... the Olay Daily Facials. I love them. It also is a big nod to Gramma's reccomendations. You see, I'm pretty horrible about remembering to care for my skin. So, when I do remember, I don't like to pick up a bottle of whatnots & fight with finding a washcloth in my ramshackle bathroom (I have 2 little boys, and a husband, remember. Things like this are usually found in strange places, and never when I need them). That is the beauty of the Daily Facials. They are these lovely little disposable washcloths with the good smelling olay facial cleanser permeated into them. You just wet them, lather up, wash, rinse & toss. Wonderful. Perfect for travelling too.

Here is another little throw back to my Gramma Lil. She always had this stuff around the house. I keep some, rarely use it, but with winter coming, I'm sure it will be gone in no time. Again, the smell is awesome. Cherry-Almond? How can you go wrong??

And now, my favorite, can't believe I lived without it product. I get it at the tack stores. Now, don't wrinkle your nose up. You didn't really think that MY list would be entirely devoid of something that was originally intended to be used on livestock, did you? Well, if you did, you don't know me too well. No, it's not Mane & Tail - that stuff stinks. In more ways than one.
I am ADDICTED to Cowboy Magic. The Detangler & Shine to be precise, though, I love all their fantastic products, and have used all of them on both the horses & myself (except the green spot remover --- I don't need that personally. Yet.)
This stuff smells great and is bar none the best detangler I have ever found. Anywhere. Ever. I have removed massive snarly gnarly thorn and twig encrusted gigantic rat nests with this. And that doesn't even say what it has done for my horses. (heh heh)
They sell it in 2 sizes that I have found. I keep the bigger one in the barn, the smaller one in my bathroom.


  1. I love that you make your horse grooming products do double duty for your locks as well. My friend swears by Barielle nail care products that were originally meant for horse hoof conditioning. Agree with you about those disposible face cleaning cloths. Use them every day, especially in the evening to remove makeup. So handy. And this is funny. I actually use a face cleaning gel called "Never a Dull Moment" by Origins!

  2. That must be like 'mane and tail', right? lol. I used to love that stuff. I have a box of the daily facials, those are AWESOME for traveling. So I totally ditto this one!

  3. I could have used that detangler when my daughter was younger. I threatened to cut her hair a couple of times.

  4. Oh, Faye - I'm going to have to look into that gel. :) Sounds like something I could learn to love!

  5. I wish they'd had a detangler like that when I was in grade school.

    I love Pantene as well, I buy the jumbo bottles at Sam's club and use them to refill the smaller bottles I keep in the shower. The large bottles hurt so much when you drop them on your foot.

    I also buy those facial cloths, but not for every day, I buy them when I travel. You can't beat the convenience of something that gets smaller as you go when you're on a trip.