Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun Monday on a Tuesday

Playing along with a game from Julie over at Another Chance Ranch .... you can find her here : www.anotherchanceranch.net
The game as I understand it, and mind you - I could be wrong, is to voice my humble opinions on today's election.
Well, as it stands here in Michigan, it is another round of the same old same old. Big mud slingin' between Donkeys & Lelephants, Green party & libertarians added to the hodge podge this time around. And well - I don't care much for any of our choices. The big one here is the gubernatorial race. Personally, I think that ol' Jenny did one hell of a job screwin' things up. The little game she played with the MSP was enough to make me want to slap the mole off her face. But, since we are now blessed with term limits here in Michigan, thankfully - she is out one way or the other.
I opted today for the businessman over the politician.
I am starting to truly believe that if you don't have a really sound background in business, then you have no business deciding where the state's money should go. So, for me, today is mostly about the businessman. I am hopin' that we can wake up tomorrow with Rick Snyder as our new gov.
Other than that, I'm thinkin' it's a safe bet we'll be stuck with Upton for another 2 years. He's been in congress for too long. He's in my preferred party, but he doesn't vote like it.

But, there is still time, irregardless of your opinion to get out & VOTE!! Oh, and if you happen to live in Hagar Township, be sure to stop in and sign the petitions to get our township board a much needed RECALL. I signed it, hubby did too - we'd love to see those 3 buggers out.

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